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Kellogg's Ricicles 450g Only £1.24 @ Morrisons
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Kellogg's Ricicles 450g Only £1.24 @ Morrisons

Posted 5th Aug 2011Available: National

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Kellogg's Ricicles 450g 27.6p per 100g
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yummy.....wish they still came with marshmallow though like many moons ago!
Best Cereal ever!
we were just talking about these in work the other night and how i only ever buy them when they go on offer as they are too dear now...thanks for this..i will get stocked up now
have some heat
didn't realise you could still buy these!

while we're on cereals, i was raiding our food cupboard last night and noticed a box of coco pops in "all-new" 295g size. wtf. the box looked no bigger than a haynes manual.

if you want marshmallows, go grab a box of lucky charm from a shop near me, only £6.49!

although they do have pop-tarts in a multitude of flavours- apple strudel or wild grape anyone?
lucky charms is the bset cereal ever have not been able to find a box since i was 5 years old.
Ricicles are soooo nice and vey rarely on offer so if you like them stock up now!!!
What actually are they? Frosties + Rice Crispies?

What actually are they? Frosties + Rice Crispies?

I believe the scientific formula is:

Frosties + Rice Crispies - Frosties + Sugar = Ricicles


lucky charms is the bset cereal ever have not been able to find a box … lucky charms is the bset cereal ever have not been able to find a box since i was 5 years old.

you can get lucky charms on ebay but there quite expensive but they are the best cerals
best cereal ever
Have bought about 14 boxs this week as these are rarely on offer. Last time were £1 at asda and that was well over a year ago! My kids love these!
how lucky charms cereal have still not gone mainstream in the uk is beyond me!! I really want to try them but they're too bloomin' expensive.

OH and thanks for the post op
I'm gonna stock up BIG TIME.
Tasty stuff!
Best cereal in the world bar none....
I will be filling up this weekend.
Iv only posted the ricicles but they also had kelloggs start, honey loops n a few others at half price aswell. For me ricicles is the rarest on offer n the best tasting one! Addicted!
wow i totally forgot they used to have marshmallow pieces in! that was back when i was about 8 or 9 i think. great price as you dont often see these on offer so i think i'll get a few boxes in while they're going cheap as they are one of my favorite cereals!
Great Deal,

Was hoping I could order my shopping online.
I thought I was the only one who loved these special little sugary puffs of joy!!! Does any1 remember collecting stuff from Kelloggs promotional packs back in the day!? How come no ones added anything in the last 5years!??
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