Kellogg`s Variety Breakfast Cerials £1 in Asda

Kellogg`s Variety Breakfast Cerials £1 in Asda

Found 4th Mar 2011Made hot 4th Mar 2011
Was this price in Tesco a few months back. But here are Asda doing the business.

These are £1.98 in Tesco.


we'd rather have a bowl of coco pops

99p in Morrisons the other day!


once this deal ends then another store will have them on offer and so on and so on

99p in Morrisons

Voted cold.......only kidding!

still 99p in morrisons brought some today

This is hot - I saw in ASDA also.

They're £1.99 and have been on 2 for £3 for ages. Only £1 in the last week.

What I will say is that the items inside the 8 boxes don't have the variety they used to - not sure whether they get more rubbish when an offer is about to be on.
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