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USB 3.0 SuperSpeed A Male to 10 pin Micro B Male Cable BLUE 2m £2.72 + 89p shipping at Kenable
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Posted 15th JunPosted 15th Jun
USB 3.0 SuperSpeed A Male to 10 pin Micro B Male Cable BLUE 2m £2.72 + 89p shipping at Kenable£3.61
I have a portable monitor from ASUS that uses this relatively obscure cable and I needed a longer cable but found the prices to be high at Amazon where I would normally buy this, 1… Read more

Kenable make some of the best cables.


I have used Kenable for years first with ebay then I found out they are local to me there ethernet cables flat white cat6 is excellent and a greT value.


I had an ASUS USB monitor that used this kind of cable. Unfortunately it refused to work with any cable longer than the one that came with it. I ended up having to use a powered USB hub to extend it.


It's cheap but looks super-low quality. As for being relatively obscure, pretty much every portable external hard drive uses this kind of cable.

2 port USB Double Socket face plate £11.99 + £2.69 delivery @ Kenable
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Posted 1st Sep 2014Posted 1st Sep 2014
2 port USB Double Socket face plate £11.99 + £2.69 delivery @ Kenable£14.68
I've purchased one of these from Kenable and they work well enough. Hope it helps someone. EDIT: Sorry, I forgot to add VAT on the price earlier. Thanks to the user pointing it … Read more

Why don't B&Q, Wickes, Homebase etc stock these? I know screwfix do but none of the main DIY giants do? Strange that!


Hahaha Get himmmmm


So if I posted a Frisbee at £100 would you vote that hot - it is a great idea after all?


Hot from me mate Great idea


wtf is this ****

Twin Gang UK Mains Double Plug Socket & 2 Port USB Power 2A Wall Plate £17.55 @Kenable
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Posted 28th Jul 2014Posted 28th Jul 2014
Twin Gang UK Mains Double Plug Socket & 2 Port USB Power 2A Wall Plate £17.55 @Kenable£17.55
Haven't seen this posted anywhere but might be useful for some people here Why bother fumbling around for USB adapters and instead, save time and space with having them built into… Read more

Picked one up from CEF (City Electrical Factors) on Friday, £12.95 plus vat. according to flyer these come with a 25 year warranty. A choice of square or rounded front plate as well. Fitted yesterday in 5 minutes, just isolate power to the socket and three wires connected. They are 2A - 5V, obviously across the 2 ports


£15.80 delivered on ebay


You should change the price to £14.86 because you can collect for free from Kenable. Granted not everyone could do this but as it's only 10 minutes from me I wouldn't nedd to pay for postage. I have used Kenable for all my AV cabling and have found them a really nice company to deal with so thanks to OP for finding this as I didn't know they sold them.


I agree pay a little more and get something decent that you can take. a lot of comments on Amazon about issues fixing these in so more of an argument to source locally.


I guess just stick a screw driver in and find out.

Dynamode 2.5 inch S-ATA HDD USB 2.0 Caddy £2.99  + £3.23 Del @
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Posted 21st Feb 2014Posted 21st Feb 2014
Dynamode 2.5 inch S-ATA HDD USB 2.0 Caddy £2.99 + £3.23 Del @£6.22
Just over £6 delivered for a 2.5 SATA HDD USB 2 caddy. Also comes with a USB power cable for larger drives or lower power laptops.
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I bought the same from eBay for less than that. Sorry but not hot for me because u can find the same in eBay for less


Fair enough, only a good deal if you can pick up from St.Helens


not knocking yours, just thought I'd mention you can get them at a little less or the same, also USB 3 at roughly the same price.


I do apologise, I've edited the price and title.

Belkin Pure AV Isolator 6 way Socket extension £21.59 Delivered
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Posted 10th May 2013Posted 10th May 2013
Belkin Pure AV Isolator 6 way Socket extension £21.59 Delivered£21.59
A great price for one of these, the 8 way versions are £46 on Amazon!… Read more

Missing the VAT on the delivery charge as it is £2.69+VAT. So all in: £22.13 (£18.90 + £3.23 P&P) :)




You need to include delivery in the overall price.

BELKIN N1 Wireless LAN Card £8.99 at Kenable
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Posted 14th Sep 2010Posted 14th Sep 2010
BELKIN N1 Wireless LAN Card £8.99 at Kenable£8.99
I was about to pay £20 + delivery for an Edimax version of this product. Then I came across this Belkin version for less than half the price. I'm very happy with this and it has … Read more

I remember when Bigoffers were selling these for £3 each... As a result there are still available on ebay from £7.95


My bad... I did put ExpressCard earlier (by mistake) then corrected it. However, I just posted another deal for an ExpressCard version.


I disagree, I think for £8.99 this is a great choice... Also where does he say it's an Express Card? Hot from me BUT having said that I just fitted an Intel 512AN card into my dads laptop which cost me £3 off ebay and given the exact same thing so if your technically minded better off doing that... Great prirce for an N1 PCMIA Card


This is PCMCIA, and not ExpressCard. Tbh, the Edimax was the better choice.

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Masterplug FLAT WHITE 16 SWG 16 Guage Speaker Cable & Connectors 20m £5.86+delivery @ Kenable
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Posted 13th Aug 2010Posted 13th Aug 2010
Masterplug FLAT WHITE 16 SWG 16 Guage Speaker Cable & Connectors 20m £5.86+delivery @ Kenable£5.86
Masterplug 16 SWG Flat Speaker Cable 20m with connector pins Masterplug performance series cables have been designed and manufactured to maximise the exacting performance demands o… Read more
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Thanks (both) for the heads up, I just ordered the 10m one from Amazonn for £5.58 delivered.


If only getting one may be cheaper to buy through Amazon (same seller though). Your text here

PURE HQ OFC HDMI Cable Lead, Gold Plated Ends 10m - £7.87 @ Kenable
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Posted 18th Jul 2010Posted 18th Jul 2010
PURE HQ OFC HDMI Cable Lead, Gold Plated Ends 10m - £7.87 @ Kenable£7.87
Good price for 10m length. postage only 99p Features: High Quality screened cable with 24k Gold Plated Connectors. * HDMI Specification 1.3 * Compatible with all HDMI resolutions… Read more

Looks cheap for a 10m cable to me too - don't know why all the cold votes - maybe people not realising it's 10m not 1m?


Seems a good price for a 10m cable


10m is quite a long way for a hdmi cable to transmit. the quality of your equipment + cable will have a great effect on its ability to do it due to the 'twisted pairs' @ T.M.D.S . It sounds weird to most people but a good component analog cable will still carry 1080p and give a far better and more durable picture over long runs ( some say over 200ft without a noticable quality loss !!). But voted hot due to price and if your system is capable then all it good ;-).


Not true. I've seen HDMI cables that frequently lose connections due to poor connectors, coatings etc. There are some very bad cables out there. That doesn't mean you should get an expensive cable (they're obviously overpriced), get the cheaper ones, but remember to check reviews on it to make sure it's up to standard.


It's cheaper on Ebay so why would you vote hot? just don't buy from universalgadgets(then some numbers after the name), because they don't work (the 10m ones).

Dynamode 2.5inch S-ATA HDD USB 2.0 Caddy for SATA Laptop Drives £4.10 + P&P @
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Posted 5th Mar 2010Posted 5th Mar 2010
Dynamode 2.5inch S-ATA HDD USB 2.0 Caddy for SATA Laptop Drives £4.10 + P&P @£6.44
* Features Super Slim and easy portability * Hot Plug and Play Feature * Enclosure for 2.5 hard drives (laptop size) * Shell Material - Aluminium * Dimensions - 125… Read more
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I needed an IDE version (not SATA) so searched on ebay and got one delvered for £4.19. Either way very cheap external storage if you have some laptop HDs not being used. Hot.


ordered from amazon :)


Have two of these ... and whilst they are ok, the build quality isn't wonderful. Also for some odd reason these wont power from my laptop. Other HDD caddies do, but these don't. I ended up going for an alternative product that cost around £6 +p&p ... which were much better, but it was an eBay job so no links. Something similar to auction number : 250565590698


How do you select free postage on the amazon caddy? I keep getting 3.99!!


Thanks OP for posting this. I've had my old laptop lying around for ages. Although I think I'll pop it in to a Sumvision enclosure instead. Cheers :thumbsup:

10m hdmi cable from Kenable Only £12.16 Del
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Posted 3rd Jan 2010Posted 3rd Jan 2010
10m hdmi cable from Kenable Only £12.16 Del£12.16
I;ve been looking for a decent 10m+ hdmi cable to hook up my Tv and this is the best price i can find, Ideal for wall mountd tvs where you dont want the sky box etc next to it Spe… Read more
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Exactly what I was on about!


This isn't such a great price. You can get 10m ones thru Amazon for ]£7.74. Or if the lack of info on that one scares you, can pay ]£10.97 if you like.


No they don't. You've been told a porky. There will only be a problem if the cable is kinked severely - and that's unlikely.


Happy to say I'm a short bus ride and walk away, so I go and collect - they do have some great prices and moreso when I found that they were one company with a 'collect in person' option I could actually make use of :thumbsup:


Yep, It took a while today thou..........

Optical cable from 50cm  - Toslink- @kenable from £2.75
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Posted 20th Nov 2009Posted 20th Nov 2009
Optical cable from 50cm - Toslink- @kenable from £2.75£2.75
Optical lead for digital audio interconnections. The TOS type plug to Plug. TOS to TOS usually is used to connect DVD Players to HiFi's (necessary sockets are required), plus some… Read more

Hmmm Interesting, they look exactly like the cables I bought and they work fine with the selectors. Sounds like a bunch of TOS to me... oh I couldn't resist


NB These cables are not recommended for use with our TOS selector. Why not:?


Must admit good company decent stuff aswell only reason I know I bought 4 cables and 2 optical switch blocks last week, ordered in morning arrived next day :thumbsup:


email them and im sure they would price match themselves or give a promo code or something!


Kenable have an ebay shop selling these at 1m for £2.19 + Free Delivery Item: 380170583501

Pure TOS Link TOSLink Optical Digital Audio Cable Lead 1m - £4.24 Delivered -
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Posted 29th Mar 2008Posted 29th Mar 2008
Pure TOS Link TOSLink Optical Digital Audio Cable Lead 1m - £4.24 Delivered -£4.24
Pure TOS Link TOSLink Optical Digital Audio Cable Lead 1m Cheap & Good Quality Optical cable for all sorts of uses eg. TV to Surround Sound system, PS3/360 to Surround Sound.… Read more
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How can you not see a problem you idiot ! For starters it could be seen as final fee avoidance by charging more for postage than is necessary , this is illegal on Ebay .


dont see the problem.....unless maybe you think they should amke a loss on everyone one :roll:


Maximum nail-to-head interface there.


I bought 2x 1.5m Optical cables from B&Q last week for a £1 each. They were Masterplug branded, but surely as they carry a digital signal (like HDMI) they'll either work or they won't - there'll be no difference in quality?


Not surprised to be honest their ebay prices are way lower due to the money they make on postage, without them they would be near enough giving them away! To be fair, its still a good price, but to be honest I bought a 4m one, that was the cheapest price around, but not many people are going to need a 4m one. If you have a look at AVFORUMS.CO.UK people RAVE about Kenable as they are good. But for the price there is no-one else around providing a better quality product

StarDom SL3620 Gigabit NAS RAID System Dual 3.5" SATA HDD save £50!!!
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Posted 14th Mar 2008Posted 14th Mar 2008
StarDom SL3620 Gigabit NAS RAID System Dual 3.5" SATA HDD save £50!!!£124.11
saw a good price dual NAS icybox IB-4220 on that site before and go back for it unfortunletly it is gone, but find a suprise: Professional Gigabit NAS/RAID System for two 3.5" … Read more

thank you for your reply, don't know if kenable will be so kind to provide this info, will try anyway:roll:


I can't seem to find the one that you can hack Bit Torrent on, lots of 100Mbit like the one I have but the only place to get the Gigabit NAS is on Ebay :( Could ask Kenable to source them?


with Bit Torrent client ,this will be perfect:thumbsup:


There is indeed a hack for a built in Bit Torrent client :) Will go remember where I found it... EDIT: Doesn't appear to be out for this particular NAS yet although it is out for this Dual HDD Gigabit NAS if you can find it It's called ]Tinky-LS, all the info for putting on the bit torrent client are on that wiki :)


Hi,do you know if this one with built in Bit Torrent client ?

Wireless USB External WiFi Adpater Dongle 54g 54Mbps - £9.17 @ kenable
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Posted 23rd Feb 2008Posted 23rd Feb 2008
Wireless USB External WiFi Adpater Dongle 54g 54Mbps - £9.17 @ kenable£9.17
Hello All I don't really post here much but thought this was worth sharing :O) as this site has saved me a fortune over the years! I was looking for a USB wirless adaptor for a c… Read more
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Will this allow my ipod touch to surf the net?.


I see what you mean. Very useful site that I've not come across before. Voted hot.