Kenco Millicano Whole Beans Instant Coffee half price at ASDA £1.50

Kenco Millicano Whole Beans Instant Coffee half price at ASDA £1.50

Found 3rd May 2011
Kenco Millicano is the very first Wholebean Instant from Kenco. It contains instant coffee and finely-milled wholebeans, with essential coffee oils locked in for a smooth, full bodied taste and rich aroma: all in an instant We've created Kenco Millicano to be just as easy to prepare as regular instant coffee. Simply add a teaspoon of coffee to your cup and add hot water, just off the boil Helping coffee farmers and the environment - All of the beans we buy for the Kenco coffee range are sourced entirely from Rainforest Alliance Certified™ farms The Kenco Millicano Eco Refill pack contains 83% less packaging weight, per gram of coffee, than our Kenco Millicano 100g tin

Probably as nice a cup of coffee as you are likely to get from an instant. Those who remember Maxell House Masterblend will appreciate this.

Available instore and online. The pouch contains 85g, so slightly less than a standard jar. The 100g tin is £2, but the refill is better value and in a resealable pouch.
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and Tesco
Have tried this, and it is a very nice coffee, almost as good as ground coffee.
lovely coffee, but strange name! I wonder where the idea for the name comes from.
I just bought the tin and the refill and it's bleurgh(a cup of p water), I might take the refill back X) I'm sticking to Kenco Really Rich.
Tesco selling it for £1.99, but scanning at £1.49. Also can be bought online from Amazon- 6 pouches delivered for £8.48.

Voted Hot X)

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Drinking a cup of it right now and must say I understand where LoveHearts is coming from - It may taste a tiny bit better than the instant I normally buy for work but it is in no way like a cup of real coffee.

I'd describe it as having a bit more body than the average instant but a taste which is more "muddy" and a lot less less "coffee" than a real filter coffee.

I certainly will not buy again once it reverts to the RRP of £4 per 100g
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