Kenco Rich Roast Eco Refill (150g) WAS £3.58 NOW £1.79 @Tesco

Kenco Rich Roast Eco Refill (150g) WAS £3.58 NOW £1.79 @Tesco

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The offer is the same for the Kenco smooth Eco Refill too. Both of these are still £3.58 at Asda and Sainsbury at the moment so a cracking deal from tesco. Offer only on till 12th january so be quick!


Great deal. Saw these by the checkout.

No unleaded though :-(

love this coffee

Great deal, loads of these in Slough Tesco. Doubt they'll last long though - nice coffee!:thumbsup:

The more this sells the quicker supermarkets and manufacturers will stop wasting so much on packaging.


good price

The cheapest souce of half decent coffee that I can find is the 500 gram tubs that Sainsburys sell for £5.99. At £1.19/ 100g this Kenco refill matches it and might be better quality (although the Sainburys stuff is very good too).

You could be more ecological though:

Do not buy and drink coffee (it is produced in foreign countries and the production and shipping creates unneeded c02),

Drink water instead,

Don't use the heating so you won't sweat, thus needing water to rehydrate,

Stop breathing,


Hang yourself with a 'bag for life', using its sturdy hessian handles to make the noose.

If you die, you will not produce any more c02, and can be more smug than those who buy coffee in jars, albeit dead.

(I am not criticizing the deal. I am just sick of the word 'eco' or 'green' being attached to products implying some sort of nobility. Hot!)

can somebody confirm if these bags are recyclable.


can somebody confirm if these bags are recyclable.

Can you recycle an Eco Refill pack?

Yes but not in the traditional way. Because recycling Eco Refill packs require specialist facilities, we have partnered with a company called TerraCycle. They can be turned into fun new items like bags or pencil cases or even umbrellas.

So yeah but it seems very complicated to actually get rid of the empties. Mine are going in the bin.

Bargain price, especially when 200g costs around a fiver :thumbsup:
Good deal, voted hot
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