Kengo Zero  Xbox360 game £3.99 @ HMV

Kengo Zero Xbox360 game £3.99 @ HMV

Found 9th Feb 2009
Kengo Zero Xbox360 game £3.99 online only deal.
I know it aint the best game out there but from what ive played so far its playable,I bought this game a couple months ago now and paid a tenner so at this price its worth buying.


Kengo Zero
Xbox 360 Game

£3.99free uk delivery
list price £29.99 - Your saving £26.00

Availability: currently out of stock

might be worth a punt if it comes back in stock

great....if you could buy it

was defo in stock before.

it let me order it - will see if/when it arrives (had email confirmation of order)

dont forget Quidco
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