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Posted 4 May 2023

Kennedy 75mm Heavy Duty Bench Vice - £16.74 (UK Mainland) @ eBay / Zoro Tools UK

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Description: Manufactured from cast iron, this range of heavy duty fixed base bench vices are suited for use by professionals. The vice has a cast iron body with powder coating for high strength, durability and rust resistance. Available to purchase in a variety of sizes and specifications to ensure you find the correct product for your requirements. The product is not suited to be struck by a hammer. Features and Benefits Manufactured from the highest quality castings Precision cut screw mechanisms and precision machined jaws Epoxy powder coating bolsters resistance to rust and chemicals Available in a variety of sizes to suit your needs Typical Applications Ideal for use in workshops and suited primarily to automotive and engineering uses
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  1. UberMitch's avatar
    Sounds like a daft question, but is there a way to secure these temporarly, so I can move it along the bench depending on what's being held in its jaws?
    RoosterNo1's avatar
    Two clamps... ratchet or C !
  2. ashyt16turbo's avatar
    Aside from it being tiny. This will be a Chinese vice and will be of poor quality and brittle.
    It won't last. (edited)
    Robdataff's avatar
    I've had a fair amount of Kennedy stuff. I honestly thought it was Cromwell tools own brand. It's all been solid.

    I don't own this vice though.
  3. Gadgetdeals's avatar
    I bought one, any manual workers on here know what you do with them?
    NickelQwerty's avatar
    Are you just kidding I genuinely can't tell if your kidding,

    But a vice is extremely useful for clamping and holding almost any objects

    I actually had a small vice like this one screwed to a small lump of wood and I left it in my house whilst I was renovating it, it's fab if you just need to grip hold of something whilst cutting or measuring it, these things have an innumerable amount of uses if you are practical enough to think of them.

    Great for general DIY project work models etc

    Always handy to have a small vice like this and store it in your shed/storage area (edited)
  4. Darren_22's avatar
    Are these any good?
    trills's avatar
    trills Author
    Kennedy make quality tools so I'd expect this to be good.
  5. Martin_MacLeod's avatar
    Looks good but doesn't post to the Highlands (edited)
    Ricky302's avatar
    Send them a message asking when did Royal Mail stop posting to the Highlands.
  6. HUKDTony's avatar
    Ahh good memories of going in dad's shed and crushing everything I could find.... probably should stop now I'm 40. 😫
    pazzyt's avatar
    happiest possessions in my garage are my late fathers vice ,anvil and welders hammer. Spent hours in his workshop as a kid bashing the anvil with the hammer and opening and closing the vice for no reason.
  7. Mickiekokid's avatar
    Don't need it but I bought one anyway
  8. backyard's avatar
    Ordered, every time I'm doing something I'm spitting feathers that I haven't got one. Not too big to get in the way.
  9. Christopher_Kyriacou's avatar
    Just couldn’t resist ordered! Ta OP
  10. Martin_1313's avatar
    I just purchased it for my 4-year-old daughter to use.

  11. vconceicao's avatar
    One cannot have to many vices
    NickelQwerty's avatar
    Mine are HUKD, eating, drinking and HUKD
  12. banjomike's avatar
    I don't think the vice in the picture has an anvil. If it has it must have been painted red instead of being machined flat which would be the normal idea. Either the picture or the blurb, or both, is of a different vice.
    trills's avatar
    trills Author
    I think it's a generic discription to cover all variations available.
  13. feckineejit's avatar
    Don't post to N.Ireland ☹️
    Ricky302's avatar
    Yep, even though they use Royal Mail so no extra cost.
  14. DealHunterChaos's avatar
    1cm × 7cm jaws.
    trills's avatar
    trills Author
    • Jaw Width: 75mm. So 7.5cm, it's in the title. That's not small for a vice.
  15. MildmanneredCalvin's avatar
    Tom Selleck approved
  16. Rob2402's avatar
    Purchased this on the 5th. Yet to receive a response from sellers and now see showing out of stock!!
    On their main site it's available at double the price!! (edited)
    cocobwoy's avatar
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