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Cort GB74JJ 4 String Active Bass In An Amber Finish - £314.10 Using Code @ Kenny's Music
Posted 8th SepPosted 8th Sep
Here we have another Cort Bass offer using an exclusive hotukdeals voucher code. I said this on the last offer that we had on a 5 string, but... if you're not familiar with Cort, t… Read more

Delivery isn't free to Northern Ireland - well that's me out then.


Uh oh! Haha! Very nice indeed. I've been looking at Solar recently (cheeky)


haha I have bought a Mason Cort, Kiesel and Schecter since hhahah


We speak to some retailers to try and get a very competitive market leading deal as an exclusive for members. Sometimes they can't meet what what we ask of them on price, so if that's the case... we simply decline. Not every deal that an editor posts works like this. I'd say about 99% of my posted guitar deals are my own finds at the prices they've been dropped to naturally. Some of which are from retailers we don't earn anything from. We try to post good deals, that review well at the best prices possible. Simple as that, really Section 9 of the FAQ covers this I don't like to direct to that unless I think it might help explain more. I think it does though. Hope you're keeping well and haven't bought an obscene amount of guitars since we last crossed paths (y)


So do you speak to this company and advertise them?

Line 6 Stagesource L3T 1,400W / 3-Way Powered PA Speaker / Integrated Mixer - £599 Delivered @ Kenny's Music
Posted 10th AugPosted 10th Aug
Maybe a little niche here on this one, but it's a significant price reduction that could be of interest to some of you live performers out there. It's a little different from mos… Read more

Decent saving on the model, now is a good time to buy performance stuff as lockdown means nobody is performing. These are quite heavy at 26.1kg, there are a lot of alternative ways of creating a similar sounding system. 2 of These would come in at £546, are easier to move about and sound decent. Depends on your needs. Heat added


A true powerful speakers 🔊 😁

Cort Grand Regal Series GA-MEDX Electro Acoustic Guitar - Open Pore Natural - £149 Delivered @ Kenny's Music
199° Expired
Posted 7th AugPosted 7th Aug
For anyone on the look out for an acoustic guitar on the low budget end of the price scale, then here's one to consider. I know a lot of people look at the Yamahas and Fender offer… Read more

When you're an amazing guitar player (and your dad owns a guitar shop) you could end up with quite a few (y)


What a great dad :D Can't go wrong with a Takamine!


How does this compare to a Takamine GF15CE Sunburst, just got one for my daughter for 160 delivered although it was x demo and had 2 very light scratches on the back, rest is mint, just curious as I am trying to build her a small collection of good guitars.


Yeh sorry I was comparing against the electro acoustic which is about £220ish. I’m of medium ability and have had a Yamaha FX310a for about 15 years which was fine but looking for a new one.


Standard one is acoustic only. There is a CD-60 SCE that has cutaway and electronics. I have standard one and really rate it, great quality for the price. My thoughts as a beginner were to conquer a dreadnought before experimenting with smaller guitars. Regardless, heat to this deal!

Cort Action Junior 30" Scale Bass Guitar - Open Pore Black or Black Cherry - £149 Delivered @ Kenny's Music
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Posted 7th AugPosted 7th Aug
£149 for a smaller bass like this from Cort is a really nice offer. They are 30" scale so ideal for kids learning or if you just need a smaller instrument yourself. There are some … Read more

Great fun short scale basses. I have a Gretsch but this looks like a bargain.


Yeah it really is more of a matter of preference, short scale basses and guitars are more comfortable for me, though I actually only own a regular scale 5 string bass at the moment.


Sire make some really nice gear. Was checking out their acoustic guitars earlier this year!


I treated myself to the new Sire U5 as I don't have big bass player hands and wanted a short scale. Enjoying the experience so far, much easier to play.


Hiya, I think they are predominantly sold via Thomann and there aren't that many offers that come up on them. One thing I can say though, is that they are generally great value as they are. I've seen a lot of people rave about them, although haven't tried one myself. Reviews are really good and I'd probably say they are worth the asking price on them even outside of a discount. Not much help, I know... I have been keeping watch for deals for various models, without a huge amount of luck thus far.

Cort GB55JJ 5 String Bass Guitar In Seafoam Pearl Green £239.20 / Olympic White or Natural £263.20 Delivered Using Code @ Kenny's Music
761° Expired
Refreshed 28th AugRefreshed 28th Aug
Update 1
Seafoam Pearl Green sold out / Other colours at £263.20 still available
An absolute steal on these Cort 5 string bass guitars. These prices can only be had using our exclusive code HUKDGB55 Cort are very well rated and actually produce some guitars … Read more

This site bans sellers for self promotion, and allows deals like this lol


That's a long way to say 'A sponsored post'


nah. where does it say sponsored / paid for ? no where that I can see? HUKD - you are going to destroy your community with this type of thing. Bad.


Cold no1 likes guitar


Sold out?

Cort GB75JJ 5 String Bass Guitar - Swamp Ash Body / Hipshot Ultralite Tuners / VTB-ST pickups - £399 Delivered @ Kenny's Music
179° Expired
Posted 3rd AugPosted 3rd Aug
Well, my last post was for another 5 string bass, although different from this, I did mention that I'd like something brighter... well the amber orange here certainly provides that… Read more

Plus 4.25% TopCashBack, my dudes. Down to £382.


Cort make great quality instruments (they manufacture most of the lower and midrange guitars sold by Ibanez, Schecter, and many others), and this is a lot of bass for the money. It probably won't hold its value as well as something from a more well known brand, but you'd do well to find better quality and spec for this sort of money. Lovely looking too.


Amazing value. The tuners and bridge are worth half the cost on their own.

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Cort AD810 Acoustic Guitar - Open Pore Natural - £99 + Free Delivery @ Kenny's Music
224° Expired
Posted 12th MayPosted 12th May
Cort AD810 Acoustic Guitar - Open Pore Natural - £99 + Free Delivery @ Kenny's Music£99£11816% Free P&P Free
Ideal beginners guitar if you're wanting to go with a brand new one, as opposed to pre-owned. There's a few options around this price point, including one I shared yesterday for £9… Read more

If it helps the are some made by eastcoast JustinGuitar says they are the ones for beginners! Low action starts at £79(d1)but the Ds1 is £119.00 and a few say it’s the best for under £250!


I’m only beginning my Guitar learning journey but I managed to find a Fender FA-125 Dreadnought Accoustic Guitar for £99 from It seems pretty decent can’t comment on much about the technical side of it as I’m only a few days into learning how to play but like all learners trying to get over the initial finger pain hump and build up some calluses currently using ‘Justin Guitar’ to learn from. Also I’m starting late in life at 36 as well (y)


I've seen a few Youtube videos and it sounds horrible. Maybe it was the quality of the video.


Cort are actually one of the biggest guitar manufacturers in the world. They sell guitars under their own brand name, and also make guitars sold under some more recognisable names. There was talk of them being the most likely company to buy Gibson last year during the bankruptcy stuff. So they're pretty reputable. I've never actually played one of their acoustics, but their basses are held in high regard for their price. I'd bet this is a good guitar for the money. For 99 quid it's likely better than a lot of stuff at this price point.


All new guitars need a setup first. Doesn't seem to be specified, so you're looking at an extra 20+ quid. I think it's a skill worth learning, and straightforward for DIY types (fretwork aside). Plenty of guides online.

Cort AF510M Acoustic Guitar - Open Pore Natural Mahogany + Gigbag - £109 Delivered @ Kenny's Music
180° Expired
Posted 11th MayPosted 11th May
Cort AF510M Acoustic Guitar - Open Pore Natural Mahogany + Gigbag - £109 Delivered @ Kenny's Music£109£13922% Free P&P Free
Recently I've been scoping out the mid - high end acoustic guitars and thought I'd head back to something lower end that may be ideal for beginners. This is, like many others aroun… Read more

It looks good but how does it compare to the Yamahas that are mass produced and pretty handy for beginners... until they want a Fender or Alhambra depending on their style.


Dont know how good this is, but in my opinion, even learners need a good sounding guitar otherwise they will lose interest quicker. [i know i have been there but decided to try again]

Yamaha NTX500 Eletro Classical Acoustic Guitar - £299 Delivered @ Kenny's Music
254° Expired
Posted 21st AprPosted 21st Apr
Yamaha NTX500 Eletro Classical Acoustic Guitar - £299 Delivered @ Kenny's Music£299 Free P&P Free
Decent quality classical guitars up for grabs at £299 each. I rather like the Brown Sunburst out of the two, although I am not much of a classical guitar player. Not many places st… Read more

This actually looks really nice by the way, not trying to knock it. Heat added.

charltonator I would go for this if I was just starting out. Also bear in mind that they come in different sizes, so those with smaller hands or younger people will likely struggle with a full size guitar. I’m 6ft and can grab a basketball with one hand and love playing with a half-sized guitar if there’s one laying about, so do consider it. Hence the trying it out first, but most kids will need 1/2 size or 3/4 size. Unless you play or have one already, it’s a bit like buying a pair of shoes without knowing what size you are


Having played for over 20 years, I can vouch that you can find a nice guitar for £100-200. If you’re after this model though, it’s a good deal


Have a look at this new deal, i know it's more expensive but they are great guitars


Yes. This is probably 1000 times better than the Eko I started with, and should still be useful once you can play in front of other people. The point about not buying a guitar you've never tried is good, and one I've made here too about another more expensive instrument, but a £300 guitar isn't *that* big an investment and Yamaha QC is better than some. It's obviously better to take a knowledgeable friend to a music shop before buying, but that's not really possible ATM.

Cort GB55JJ 5 String Bass Guitar - Seafoam Pearl Green £299 Delivered @ Kenny's Music
239° Expired
Posted 14th AprPosted 14th Apr
Cort GB55JJ 5 String Bass Guitar - Seafoam Pearl Green £299 Delivered @ Kenny's Music£299£37320%
A touch under £300 quid on this 5 string Cort Bass guitar. Quite a nice shade of green, from someone that isn't a seafoam colour fan as such. With the odd exception :) It doesn'… Read more

Probably routed around the knob


Looks more duck egg than seafoam.


This is actually quite tempting as I'm after a cheap bass for recording during the lockdown but my eye fell on the volume knob being half on, half off the scratch plate and that's very odd. Maybe it's not like that in reality.


So you can be like Joe Wicks ;)

Cort G Series G250DX Electric Guitar - Transparent Blue - £199 Delivered @ Kenny's Music
308° Expired
Posted 6th AprPosted 6th Apr
Cort G Series G250DX Electric Guitar - Transparent Blue - £199 Delivered @ Kenny's Music£199£249.5920% Free P&P Free
Another well priced budget electric guitar here. Only available in the trans blue finish on this one. Fair specs for the cash and includes free delivery. It's a bolt on neck model … Read more

I like this, shame its out of my price league after purchasing a Gretsch, have some heat :)


Just had Basswood Body. It's on my BC Rich and I just don't like it - although Cort do make good products for the value. So heat :-)


They did a rather nice headless guitar back in the late 80’s - in candy apple red it was awesome.

Cort G280DX Electric Guitar In Java Sunset - Locking Tuners / Canadian Hard Maple Neck - £349 Delivered @ Kenny's Music
94° Expired
Posted 20th MarPosted 20th Mar
Cort G280DX Electric Guitar In Java Sunset - Locking Tuners / Canadian Hard Maple Neck - £349 Delivered @ Kenny's Music£349£47827%
Update 1
Kenny's Music Update - Following guidance from the government, our stores are closed for the time being. There may be a 2-3 day delay on your delivery as we process orders through our warehouses. We will send you a shipping confirmation once your order dispatches.
Considering this colour combination isn't usually my kind of think, I actually reather like this here. I'm a big fan of flamed maple anyway, so it's got a big tick on the finish ju… Read more

Love it, clear suhr / ibanez AZ RIP off. If it had 24 frets and didnt have that horrible pickup ring I'd be all over this.


Not sure about the white pups TBH! :{


That ticks all the boxes for me. Super strat, HSS, maple neck nice finish too. But I already have a JTV variax maple neck.

Wharfedale Pro Isoline-410 Active Column PA System at Kennys Music for £199
211° Expired
Posted 15th MarPosted 15th Mar
Wharfedale Pro Isoline-410 Active Column PA System at Kennys Music for £199£199£39950%
Comprising of a column formation loudspeaker interconnected with a high powered subwoofer with its own built-in amplifier and DSP, users can expect a full-range sound from a system… Read more

Same here :D


sold out :-( great deal though


I thought the same.


Why did I, when I saw the picture, think this was an expensive toilet brush

Cort GB75JJ - 5 String Bass Guitar - Amber or Aqua Blue - £399 Delivered @ Kenny's Music
74° Expired
Posted 4th MarPosted 4th Mar
Cort GB75JJ - 5 String Bass Guitar - Amber or Aqua Blue - £399 Delivered @ Kenny's Music£399£53926%
Loving the colour contrast with the neck and body on the Amber finish here! It's well priced for what it is too. A fair deal on a 5 string bass for anyone on the hunt just now. Ken… Read more

Anyone know where these are made?


So did most bass guitarists. cf Sting's anecdote.


Always wanted to play the bass guitar 🎸

Cort X1 Electric Guitar In Red / Black / Black Satin / White £129 Delivered @ Kenny's Music
245° Expired
Posted 4th MarPosted 4th Mar
Cort X1 Electric Guitar In Red / Black / Black Satin / White £129 Delivered @ Kenny's Music£129
A good looking instrument for £129 delivered on the Cort X1. We've seen this price before, although we were limited to a choice of black or white at the time. There are now other o… Read more

I bought a Left Handed Faith acoustic guitar from Richards Guitars, excellent service and setup. Nice chap to talk to and knows his stuff.


Cort own the factories that make ibanez guitars - ibanez don't actually own a single factory themselves. I've got one of Cort's zenox z44 guitars and I actually sold my gibson les paul studio gothic in preference for it - they really are *that* good. Sadly, they don't offer the zenox guitars any more, else I would have another in a heartbeat (although I'd probably stick a p90 in there just to have something different). Quite honestly, the amount of guitar you get for your money with Cort is ridiculous. If you want to get one set up to within an inch of it's life, buy them from here: For an extra £40, you'll get the guitar set up to suit your requirements, and you can guarantee that it'll be playable out of the box. I've bought my last three guitars from Richard, and recommend them to anyone who'll listen. They also carry the JHS Vintage guitar range, which are another steal at the price - their v52 tele is in my collection, too, and sounds brilliant. He only stocks guitars that can be set up properly and have decent quality control - hence why you won't see the likes of Gibson and Fender on there. Well worth a look if you want a new guitar, and I'd also recommend taking the time to talk to him as well if you can - he knows his stock backwards, and will help you find the ideal guitar.


Good stuff, just making sure as there is some junk out there and will only discourage new musicians.


I wouldn't and haven't suggested that people pick up the cheapest guitar they can find. I usually look at the guitar reviews / videos before I entertain the idea of sharing with the rest of hukd. I really don't want anyone being disappointed in what they buy. For a beginner or even if you've been playing a while and you're wanting something brand new, then my research suggested that for £129, this was totally worth consideration. There are loads of options out there, which I usually post if the prices are worth a shout. Reviews for this are positive and there are some great video demos around as well: Spoken review


But how does it play, may look ok but if it is terrible, high action, poor performance, unable to keep tune etc. its going to be a total waste of money even for a beginner which should NOT just pick up the cheapest pos they find...

Wharfdale Pro Isoline-410 Active Column PA System £199 Delivered @ Kenny's Music
89° Expired
Posted 4th MarPosted 4th Mar
Wharfdale Pro Isoline-410 Active Column PA System £199 Delivered @ Kenny's Music£199£39950%
A really good option for those that are gigging around that don't want to spend a total fortune. £199 Is the lowest that I have ever seen this model at, and not just by a few quid … Read more

Bargain! Mega HOT

Left Handed - Cort B5 Plus 5 String Bass Guitar £399 Delivered @ Kenny's Music
222° Expired
Posted 2nd MarPosted 2nd Mar
Left Handed - Cort B5 Plus 5 String Bass Guitar £399 Delivered @ Kenny's Music£399£52925%
A good bit cheaper than the right handed version of this model, which as I have said before, isn't something we see all that often. Lefties get a bit of a raw deal unless you're ha… Read more

heat for lefty (y)


I'm left handed and I used to play bass. I've played left handed guitar for the past 25 years. Fortunately bass playing isn't a competition, but if you want to make it so then this may put you off especially 1:56 onwards >


Hot for the lefty love :{


Would turn lefty for this, lovely bass


Cort GB54JJ Bass Guitar - natural Swamp Ash / Olympic White - £299 Each With Free Delivery @ Kenny's Music
182° Expired
Posted 27th FebPosted 27th Feb
Cort GB54JJ Bass Guitar - natural Swamp Ash / Olympic White - £299 Each With Free Delivery @ Kenny's Music£299£35115%
Any love for a well price bass guitar or two here? Both are the GB54JJ models With different finishes. I quite like the natural finish myself, not that I play the bass at all. The… Read more

Wow, she's fantastic! Thanks for that will have to check out more of her work! Bit of a fan of Victor Wooten myself and I can't forget John Myung, of course. Saw Dream Theater Live and there were note for note on every track, to the point I thought it was a recording, haha. The tour was for Systematic Chaos, although they only played a couple of songs from it :( I'd be mad but they were like "It's been 15 years since Images and Words was released, so we're playing it from top to bottom" My favourite album of theirs! YUS! :D Seeing that type of talent close up was simply stunning. Cheers for the link, will check out more of Mohini Dey's work later.


Funny you should mention Larry Graham


I've watched Wojtec a few times before he's amazing. Yes, he's quite heavily influenced by Mark King, has said so in the past and there's quite often Mark King influences in his solo's, the audience participation towards the end of the video you posted was a good example hence why I chose that bass solo. He's taken that baton and thrown more tricks in which is impressive as hell. I love slap bass but only when it's clean, which those two do best, they actually have a very similar tone. And Mark was heavily influenced by....Stanley Clarke.


I don't know if he's been influenced by Mark King. Mark King is good but he's not Stanley Clarke, who didn't invent slap bass but employed the technique in the 1970's an incredible bass player > It's Larry Graham from Sly and the Family Stone fame and solo projects that first recorded slap bass. He's great too >


Both amazing players, love the bass. Wojtec influenced by this guy

Takamine EGU-S1 Soprano electro-acoustic ukelele - £119 @ Kennys Music
153° Expired
Posted 14th FebPosted 14th Feb
Takamine EGU-S1 Soprano electro-acoustic ukelele - £119 @ Kennys Music£119£19740%
Next cheapest price is £197. Description from Takamine website: 4 String Acoustic/Electric. Sweet sounding, easy to play, traditional ukuleles from Takamine Specifications T… Read more

Not sure if this is a good deal. This one goes for this lower price in my country (Poland) all the time. Product itself might be awesome, the price not so much though.


Ukulele is probably one of the easiest and rewarding instruments there is. After an hour or two of practice, you would've learnt enough chords to play most songs!

Yamaha SessionCake SC-01 OR SC-02 Headphone Mixing Amp £15.48 Delivered @ Kenny's Music
310° Expired
Refreshed 2nd MarRefreshed 2nd Mar
Yamaha SessionCake SC-01 OR SC-02 Headphone Mixing Amp £15.48 Delivered @ Kenny's Music£15.48£69.9978%
Update 2
Now back in stock (no longer on back order)
Although these look a little like Lego bricks, they're much more than that. They allow you to practice pretty much anywhere, or even link up a few instruments up and practice toget… Read more

Both are back in stock.


To be honest, if it's £20 delivery to Norn Iron, then I'm better off without it! :)


Red one still in stock


Ah! So this is what it feels like! (ninja) Might stick it straight on eBay for full HUKD bad guy vibes.


So you were the one who took it! :) I was debating whether the red or blue would suit me better and had closed down the blue page for a second only to find that on re-loading the page, the product was sold out!