Kensington Ipod Speaker Dock - £19.95 with VIP Club Membership (instore)
Kensington Ipod Speaker Dock - £19.95 with VIP Club Membership (instore)

Kensington Ipod Speaker Dock - £19.95 with VIP Club Membership (instore)

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Brought 2 of these on Saturday. Sound quality is excellent and you get them for £19.95 when you join their VIP club free of charge in store.


They've been offering these since Springtime might pick one up as a Xmas present to me.

Saw someone listening to one in John Lewis (£50) last week and tipped the guy off to this £20 Richer offer.

"Very good sound quality, a very cool flat-panel design at a reasonable price, and enough volume to fill a dorm room, den or office." PC Magazine.

For the revolutionary iPod comes a revolutionary speaker dock to match.

The Kensington SX2000 is a genuine breakthrough design in offering NXT flat panel speaker technology at a price never before seen! The advantages of the flat panel speaker design are many but centre around a wider frequency response, meaning superior bass and treble, and the ability to spread the sound quality bi-directionally. That's right, even if the SX2000 is in the middle of your room, the bi-directional panel will provide an even spread of sound! This sophisticated technology also provides less distortion than conventional speakers, meaning that higher volumes are obtainable.

Then, of course, there are the looks. In addition to sounding better, the NXT flat panel speaker system is far less bulky than conventional speaker designs. The difference is rather like comparing flat screen LCD TVs to conventional CRT ones.

Like other iPod docking stations, the Kensington SX2000 will fit the majority of "dockable" iPods, and will even charge them when docked. Although designed to work with the iPod, the Kensington SX2000 isn't exclusively for them. Thanks to an audio input it will also work with other MP3 players or even your Laptop - and will still look great!

For sound quality and style, your iPod couldn't hope to find a better home - and that's before our amazing price is even taken into account!

Can't get to a store, but very tempted even at £30~

Just to confirm 100% that it will work with the 8GB iPod 3G Nano?

sorry there are rubbish.. you are much better of getting a set of pc speakers or docking station for the money - the quailty is rubbish ! there is also no remote or anything... you will get better sound quailty with a £8 set of battery speakers from tesco ! id say get a set of 2.1 pc speakers and £20 will get you an awsum set !

I have to disagree - a 2.1 system should indeed sound better (that said I bought the T20 Gigaworks and thought them poor so returned them). For £20 the sound quality is acceptable and you get to carry it from room to room.

Just to update bought one a couple of days ago and I have to say I am really impressed by the sound quality.

I have not bought a set of PC speakers for twice this that sounded as good - don't expect much bass but for clarity and volume this is great. Now I can move my iPod stuff around with me at home without using earbuds. Also good for a kids room where you're trying to keep stuff out of their little hands... Only a remote would improve it, but then I'd leave that in another room...

They seem to be selling out as these were all reserved at my local RS.
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