Kensington SX2000 IPOD Docking Station - £19.95 @ Richersounds
Kensington SX2000  IPOD Docking Station - £19.95 @ Richersounds

Kensington SX2000 IPOD Docking Station - £19.95 @ Richersounds

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Just bought one and the sound is very good from this IPOD docking station with flat speaker.

On-line it's advertised for £29.95, but pop down to your local store and become a priority club member (basically give them your e-mail address) and they'll give it to you for £19.95

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Best to call ahead, as Richer Sounds get batches in, and they sell pretty quickly. More batches come in all the time.
- Bobbins


are these any good i have asked on av forums buy as usuual no one ever replies

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The standard is not the same as conventional speakers, but given it is flat speaker, I was impressed (relatively). It's also very compact, and can be easily positioned anywhere around the home.

If I was paying a hundred quid, I'd want a bit more, but this is 5p short of £20. It's in John Lewis for £50, and last time I looked on Amazon it was £43.

I have one of these, and while its not the greatest of sounds for the price its a real bargin, the flat speaker means that the sound comes out from both sides, so if your having a barbeque you can just leave this playing on full and everyone will hear it. A bit on the bassy side but I love it. I would say go get one.


Voted hot although I already brought 1 off ebay a while back & it cost me 23.95 so didnt miss out on much. It's pretty good for a basic iPod sound system, there arent many that can offer this sound quality for the price

Was looking at this a while back, the only reason I didnt go for it was because it doesnt have a remote control. Otherwise its a great piece of kit for a bargain price

Shame its not in Black

The sound quality isn't stellar and can be a bit rattly if you push it too loud, but for £20, I'm not complaining...

are there any near this price that have a remote thats what i really need

just been to get mine, got the 1.99 speakers as well for hols and some free sennheiser earphones

I notice that, although the email shot says offer end 25th July it's still on offer after that date.

I got this some while ago and TBH for £20 it's a steal. Also got some free Senn earpjhones with it.

My primary reason for buying was to take on hol's to give us some music and charge in the room. I use it out in the garden and again great.

If you want it as a home audio system then not so great. But for anything else, superb.

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