Kenwood ice cream maker £7.00 Tesco

Kenwood ice cream maker £7.00 Tesco

LocalFound 16th Dec 2013
Kenwood im200 ice cream maker
Reduced to £7 from £22 could be national I don't know but they have plenty in the Burnley store Tesco
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in this weather??
xmas pudding ice cream?
Heat added , but couldn't find at Tesco direct

in this weather??

Yeh! Ice cream is hardly just for summer. Ill be having ice cream with my chocolate gateux cake after my christmas dinner.
Wow great deal
just had a look and there £25 still. bahhhh humbug tesco.
Love it but how can I get one ?
Was this price about 2 months ago in cardiff culver store.
Fab deal, thanks for posting
Amazing thank you!
Great deal but can't trust myself not to make ice cream every day.
brrrrrilliant price lol
Yeh, brill price if you can find it, lolly
Is this another 'use for a week, stick in the cupboard forever' product? Anyome tried this?
wow great price!
Fab price
cold because ice cream is cold and it'll only ever be found by the OP ..
Hope I can get one, my daughter has asked for one for xmas
Bargain thanks
Any in London?
Really wish this was £7 on tesco direct!! Fab :-)
Dunno if this will work the same as the kenwood chef addon...but I'd got that and if done properly, get yourself an ice cream recipe book and it's easy to make the proper stuff, no crystally nastyness.
Not sure I want to add to my list of must have kitchen gadgets that get used a handful of times then stored...
will try to find it at warrington
i will just buy haagen daz baileys
great deal
I have this machine and it's not too shabby at all. Will be making mojito sorbet with it next week! This is a good price, might buy it just to get the extra bowl to freeze. Components don't look the most robust but that said, I've had it for two years and not broken anything *touches wood*
Has anyone else found this at this price?
Heat added ....oh oh! Melted ice-cream.
May nip to burnley and pick one up. Little lad has milk allergy might be able to make soya ice cream for him with this
Must check my local

in this weather??

Would be pointless buying something like this in the summer when the price has been jacked up
Maybe post this in 'hot burnley deals' rather than hot uk deals! :-)
They were loading loads of stuff into the store had 40+ of those Philips Air fryers at £99 aswel I know a tenner more than the current best deal but you could use your club card boost on this ?
If this was national it would melt all the ice cream!
As usual, GREAT deal, if only it was available to more than 0.001% of the population!!!
Finding these deals is even more difficult than finding a gold flamedeer...
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