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Kenwood Integrated Full Size Dishwasher - Misprice? £179.99 - Currys (instore only - for now?)
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Kenwood Integrated Full Size Dishwasher - Misprice? £179.99 - Currys (instore only - for now?)

Posted 16th Aug 2017Local
This is a weird one, so bear with me...

You can buy a Kenwood Integrated Dishwasher (made by Currys with the Kenwood badge, yet with Hotpoint prices...) Model Number KID60S17 for £179.99! - same price yet a better build quality and spec than the Currys Essentials CID60W16 model.

Definitely a misprice and it's not on the system and the product code doesn't exist either, yet it's on display instore (?) with plenty of stock in the warehouse. Clearly the latest model to replace the Kenwood Integrated Dishwasher Model KID60S15 (2015) as this is on sale for £349.97, the .97 indicating it's clearance stock.


It definitely exists (see photo of manual) but the price ticket has no spec details, so you'll have to go instore to check out the model and go through the instruction manual for further details. No trace of it online either. Anywhere! Sales person instore will be able to find it and order it direct from warehouse

All very odd, but great price for a cheap integrated dishwasher, especially if you need it delivered, old appliance removed and a 5 year Repair & Protect Plan for £323.

Also available for Click and Collect.
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Showing £349?
Its the same Kelon machine that's been around since 13/14, not good quality tbh some small revisions this years model not much else most the parts are still the same, tough to justify at £180 tbh
Kenwood are c r a p' avoid this rubbish in my honest experience I wouldn't buy this for £79.99!
Ipurchased a Kenwood dishwasher a few months ago. Poor quality and never washes great. Kenwood don't want to know as it's manufactured by Currys under license. Currys customer service is awful.
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