Kenwood JE810 HPP Pulp Ejector Die Cast Juicer - now £59.99 !! (Half price!)

Kenwood JE810 HPP Pulp Ejector Die Cast Juicer - now £59.99 !! (Half price!)

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Found 14th Jun 2007
This Kenwood JE810 HPP Pulp Ejector Die Cast Juicer has ben reduced from £119.99 to just £59.99 delivered from Amazon!

Cheapest i can see this elsewhere is £96.99!

Description: If you have a larger family, like lots of juice, or get fed up with having to chop up your fruit and veg. to fit into than small feed tubes on many machines then this is the answer. A large diameter feed tube will allow even whole apples to be juiced and because it is of a larger size the pulp container is bigger (3 litres) allowing for more continuous juicing. This juicer also has a powerful 850 watt commercial grade motor which is also very quiet.


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Centrifugal juicer for removing juice from hard and soft fruits
Parts disassemble for easy cleaning
Pulp ejecting mechanism enable continuous juicing
Safety interlock prevents machine being used unless top is correctly located
2 speeds for hard and soft fruit
500ml juice jug with pouring lip and foam separator
0.5kg detachable pulp container
Stainless steel blades and filter
Rear cord storage prevents trailing cord on worktop

if it was £49 like last time id snap there hands off..............................

Not seeing this reduced price at Amazon.. has the offer expired?

This item is back at the sale price.......................

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Thanks for the update chuf
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