Kenwood JKP106 black cordless kettle £12.99 instore @ Sainsburys

Kenwood JKP106 black cordless kettle £12.99 instore @ Sainsburys

Found 27th Jan 2009
A black kettle that boils water just like it should only quicker as it's a 3kW job.


Ahhh... Just looking for a kettle. This is £19.59 in Argos. Will get this if my local has one.


Just seen the review of the white model on Which though....maybe changed my mind (was reviewed at £50).

This white plastic Kenwood kettle boils quickly and is energy efficient, but it's poorly made, and the limescale filter isn't as effective as it could be.
The Kenwood JKP105 boils quickly, and switches off promptly, so this model benefits from good energy efficiency. But the lightweight plastic jug feels cheaply made, and judders on the base unit when boiling.
The lid is a poor fit with flimsy hinges, and we noticed some rusting on the element after a few test runs. The limescale filter isn't a tight fit all the way round, so if you pour too fast, water floods over the top. Water also pours out of seams in the lid if the kettle is tipped too far.
The JKP105 can be filled via the lid or spout, but our testers found that the lid obstructs filling via the top.
This kettle fits on to the base from any direction, so is equally suited to left or right-handed users, but the handle is too close to the body for users with big fingers.
The switch illuminates when the kettle is switched on, and the water gauge is clearly visible when filling. Taller than most, this kettle only just fits under a pillar tap - something to bear in mind if you have non-standard taps.
Pros: Good energy efficiency, boils quickly
Cons: Flimsy construction, poor limescale filter, noisy

Does anyone know if this is a kettle that has one of them rings at the bottom, forgot what its called but my mum has got a kettle and it has the ring at the bottom which has messed up and wants a new without the ring at the bottom.

do you mean you want a concealed element

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Yes, it has a concealed element.

It would definitely not be a hot buy at £50 but at not too much more than a value kettle I reckon this is a good deal.

Good comment re the limescale filter, but I have to admit that I've never managed to find a kettle at any price that won't spill unfiltered water over the top if one's too cack handed with it. The answer is to take the extra 2 seconds I guess.


ASDA so kettles for £3 nowadays

I have owned the white version of this kettle (JKP105) for about 8 months. (Bought it for £10 in a Woolworths online sale)
Until recently it has worked perfectly. But it has now started to leak. The plastic casing is pulling apart at the joint where the base of the concelealed element was sealed to the plastic casing.
I think the build quality should have been better.
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