Kenwood K Pod Universal Coffee Machine (uses ANY pods!!) - £39.99 delivered ( was £69.99 )

Kenwood K Pod Universal Coffee Machine (uses ANY pods!!) - £39.99 delivered ( was £69.99 )

Found 14th May 2007
This Kenwood K Pod Universal Coffee Machine is now half price - just £39.99 delivered @ Amazon!! Next cheapest price i can see is £69.99 !

Key Features:

* Universal pod system takes ANY type of Espresso or Coffee pod. Can use Senseo, Kenco, Caffe Crema or Supermarket own brands

* Automatically adjusts from 3 to 15 bar pressure for either Espresso Cafe Crema

* 15 bar cappuccino function with chromed frothing nozzle

* Illuminated stainless steel control panel for ease of use

* Audible bleep when machine is ready for ease of use. 900 ml water tank
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[SIZE=2][COLOR=darkslateblue]Features continued:[/COLOR][/SIZE]

* Pre-set to 30ml for espresso, 125ml for single cafe Crema & 250ml for double cafe crema

* Preset drinks measures can be re programmed to suit all tastes

* Separate pod holders for Espresso (ESE) Cafe Crema & Double cafe Crema (soft pods)

* De-scale warning indicator for a longer machine life and improved coffee taste

* Cup storage tray on the top of the machine will also warm cups

* Removeable parts for easy cleaning

[SIZE=2][COLOR=darkslateblue]Manufacturer's Description[/COLOR][/SIZE]

This clever new Combi - Pod system takes pod machines to new heights.

Kenwood have developed a machine that uses coffee pods to make ANY type of coffee drink without the restriction of using one given type of Pod, like Phillips SENSEO or Braun Tassimo.
It is ideal for coffee lovers who want quick and easy drinks without the fuss or mess of ground coffee.

It automatically detects the type of Pod inserted and uses the correct bar pressure to deliver truly authentic coffees.

Another great feature is its 15 bar frothing nozzle, which enables you to not only make delicious cappuccino but also delivers hot water for teas and other hot beverages.
Its small and subtle design is packed with innovation and features designed to suit all coffee lovers.
Review from Amazon:

"This Kenwood machine makes great coffee. The pressurized system extracts the coffee flavour very well. But there are flaws. Perhaps the most nagging flaw is that the cup platform is not wide enough for two standard size dinner coffee cups, yet the machine has a two cup setting! Another problem is that it is essentially impossible to remove the pod holder, after use, without coffee dripping from the outlet onto the counter top -- which stains my counter top. The last nagging problem is that the water holder is quite difficult to remove. You have to pull hard, and then you tend to bash your nuckles on the flipped up cover. One last thing: hopefully my machine was an exception, but it quit working after three weeks of moderate use."
Thanks millarcat for spotting this.

Sounds like Kenwood have struck a great idea in inventing a machine that accepts a range of different pods. Shame the only review for it is less than brilliant.

Interested to hear from any other owners of this machine before deciding to order one?


[SIZE=2]You're welcome cheekster I agree, the Amazon review is dissapointing i twould be great to hear others.[/SIZE]
I bought this machine a while back from amazon and returned it, it was bad. the coffee was only tepid, water leaked, it was flimsy plus other flaws.
Hi I got this from amazon couple of weeks ago and I think its as good as my old senseo, havent used the smaller pods yet, but plan to buy a load soon to try it out. Havent mastered the frothing of the milk yet as you would be able to see from my kitchen walls! Mines deosent seem to be leaking well not yet anyway!
Thanks for the feedback DavieDeal! :thumbsup:
I've had one for a while now.

There is no need to remove the water container - you can just open the lid and pour water in the top.

I do have a problem though - other than the dripping (which it does do) - I agree that the drinks are too cold to drink. Unless you make a drink with the milk-frother the normal pod coffee needs 30 secs in the microwave to be drinkable.

I wouldn't recommend it - I preferred my old Senseo that I gave away.
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