Kenwood K20MSS10 Microwave Oven - Now £49.99 @ Currys

Kenwood K20MSS10 Microwave Oven - Now £49.99 @ Currys

Found 22nd Mar 2011
This Kenwood Microwave is a "Which" best buy and previously was £99 at Currrys/Dixons, but now Pixmania have them in stock they're back down to £49.99. Pixmania shows a cheaper price but curry's has free delivery making it the better deal. Also 3% TCB.
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This is £49.99 at Dixons - and not half price!
It was £99 at both Dixons and Currys (both are the same DGS group) until they had some competition from Pixmania stock and they both reduced their price to £49.99. Still a great price for a Which best buy.
Pixmania is a dgs group company so no surprise about the price matching
Saw this in Currys Leamington Spa on Sunday after our microwave stopped working Saturday. Should be a good simple microwave at a nice price but it turned out they only had two in stock and both had been returned by customers for "unknown" reasons. Opted for a Kenwood higher up the range but a bit disappointed to find from the handbook these are DSG Group special builds which usually means lower-grade components compared to the same model number in non-DSG outlets. However, for £50 it seems worth a punt if genuinely new stock is available.
I would steer away from KENWOOD home appliances like the plague. As the previous comments points out, when some KENWOOD appliances use cheaper componenets, these must be SERIOUSLY cheap components. In my extended family, all of us had KENWOOD microwaves, all purchased over the last 2-3 years; each one (6 in total) simply stopped working after 12 months. No explosion, no huge blast of lightning,... just dead. Luckily, we have an electrician in the family, who loves to tinker with these things; in each case, it was an internal fuse (not a convential fuse), that had given way. Now he got a little technical on the subject, but his summary was that, these were electrically poorly designed (cheap components and general technically inferior). So I will let people do the maths here, 6 microwaves, all KENWOOD, all magically die, just outside the 12 month warranty... and when examined by someone who knows about electronics, each died of the same fault. This is not a rants, just think KENWOOD is ripping people off...knowingly! Yes they look lovely, in the shop... but this really is a case of looks can be decieving.
Our Kenwood K20MSS10 microwave has stopped working, and suspect it's the internal power fuse
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