Kenwood Mini Chopper £15.99 The gadget that Delia uses! @ Amazon

Kenwood Mini Chopper £15.99 The gadget that Delia uses! @ Amazon

Found 15th Mar 2009
Normal RRP £19.99

One of Kenwood most popular products and Delia's cheat gadget, the Kenwood CH180 Mini Chopper combines compact design with ease of use for consistent professional results.

This handy sized unit is ideal for chopping meat and vegetables, creating purees, mayonnaise and pesto, and chopping herbs and making breadcrumbs.

It will chop onions without tears and if you have trouble peeling garlic just pop the cloves in, give them a very quick spin and the skin will be off. Baby food is simple to prepare, and what about some very tasty dips, prepared in just seconds. This really is a very versatile little helper.

The Kenwood CH180 Mini Chopper has a dishwasher safe bowl and smooth design body making cleaning simple. There are 2 speeds available and the bowl has a capacity of 350ml or 150g.

size: 19 X 11.8 X 14.5 cm



These are good

my mini chopper is cheaper than this

Yeah but Delia doesn't use yours

Voting cold. This is available cheaper at COSTCO (£13.78) but then not everyone is a member.


Thanks for posting this!

Added the image and retailer name to your title

HOT - Thanks these are great for just chopping small amounts for sarnies etc.

fab lil machine

got one for the wife,,,says it's great,,,hot,,,
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