kenwood slushie maker instore today down to £15.00 @ Tesco

kenwood slushie maker instore today down to £15.00 @ Tesco

Found 16th Aug 2007
was instore this afternoon and they had these on shelve reduced from original £39.99 to £15.00 it is still priced up at £its first reduced price online at £29.00 so must be an instore reduction only.

i cant find it anywhere else on a google search ? so if the price is less elsewhere please inform me.

this is for slush not a smoothie.
read the intructions instore and seems easy to use just need ice cubes and rock salt plus your drink .

makes 1ltr of slush per jug.
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so why is this voted cold can you find it elsewhere for a better price please explain ?
seems like a good deal to me...which store did you see it in?
It will be in all Extra stores that still have stock left from the last promotion
Not reduced at any of my local Tesco's.
Not another one!
Sorry, but the kitchen is already inadated with Frothie makers, smoothies makers, etc.
I'm sure if they wanted to, they could combine all these features into 1 machine.

A good price if you can get one, but not for me.
saw these in store last wek for £30, DH wanted one! but when I read the instructions you have to fil it with ice & salt to make the slush (similar to the kids toy ice cream makers), it didnt seem worth the trouble! good price though
:-D good price-voted hot
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