Kenwood Universal Replacement Water Filter Cartridges (6 Pack) £8.97 delivered @ Amazon

Kenwood Universal Replacement Water Filter Cartridges (6 Pack) £8.97 delivered @ Amazon

Found 8th Jan 2009
I thought this was a very good price for 6 water filter cartridges. They are usually so expensive.

Manufacturer's Description
We all know it's important to keep ourselves properly hydrated in order to feel at our best, physically and mentally. Kenwood's range of water filters offer purer, delicious drinking water at a fraction of the cost of bottled water.
Tap water undergoes a variety of processes to ensure that it's delivered to you in a clean and safe condition. The problem is that chlorine, the chemical used to disinfect the water, can impart a strong taste and odour. In hard water areas, the presence of calcium and magnesium can cause limescale to form on household appliances. Tap water may also contain pesticide residues and heavy metals which may adversely affect health after prolonged exposure.

The answer is Kenwood water filter jugs and cartridges. Kenwood filtration products reduce levels of aluminium, chlorine, copper, lead, nitrates, pesticides, zinc and temporary hardness, restoring the natural, crisp, clean taste of your drinking water. The benefits couldn't be clearer:

removal of unwanted taints and odours
reduced build-up of limescale in electrical appliances, helping to prolong their life and make them more energy efficient
can improve the taste and appearance of hot drinks and cooked vegetables
offers significant savings over bottled water
no heavy bottles to carry
more environmentally friendly than producing, transporting and disposing of water bottles
selected models feature a cartridge life indicator to remind you when your cartridge needs changing

Box Contents

6 x 150 litre cartridges
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Amazon often is the best price for these (and the Maxtra & Optima cartridges too), but in typical Amazon style, they vary up and down in price a lot!

I generally stock up at either Makro, Lidl or Aldi when they have offers on (regularly) so I rarely pay more than this price, often a bit less but that means waiting for those offers so at the moment this is looking like as agood as price as there is :-)
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