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Kenwood KMC515 Chef Kitchen Machine £134.99 with code @ Kenwood
Found 12th Feb 2018Found 12th Feb 2018
Kenwood KMC515 Chef Kitchen Machine £134.99 with code @ Kenwood
Kenwood KMC515 Chef Kitchen Machine £134.99 I’d use code THANKS10. The code for signing up to their newsletter. Free delivery too. Looking for good mixer. Got good reviews. £27… Read more

you can get larger version new from CoOp ebay £179


Out of stock so was good deal or limited stock clearance.


Great price, a lot of kenwood prices are falling dramatically for some reason so look out for more bargains


I don’t work for Argos so wouldn’t know. Still £15 cheaper than normal then (y) 🏻


It was hardly difficult. It was on HUKD. It's the same machine, even the same item code at Argos. I have no idea why they would choose to inflate the price so much now, but it's not a very helpful comparison, as these machines are often around the £150 mark.

Kenwood cooking Chef - £699 @ Kenwood
Found 28th Apr 2017Found 28th Apr 2017
Kenwood cooking Chef - £699 @ Kenwood
Cooking Chef £699 down from £898 extra 10% off if register your email Code i believe is THANKS10 Free accessories worth £70 after you register your product.

Just but a thermomix instead


OMG What a 1st world solution.

Factory Second: Cooking Chef KM069 £449.10 @ kenwoodworld
Found 30th Mar 2017Found 30th Mar 2017
Factory Second: Cooking Chef KM069 £449.10 @ kenwoodworld
Use code THANKS10 for 10% discount. Factory Second: Cooking Chef KM069 Capacity: 6.7 litre bowl. 1100W Induction Cooking System cooks directly in the mixing bowl. 8 mixing speeds… Read more

Main difference/feature would be the induction cooking and mixing. I agree that the price for a mixer for home is a bit too much and even I got myself a cheper sub £100 mixer for home. I do however have 2 restaurants and one of them uses that exact mixer with all the attachements that I managed to snap for £650 on black friday RPP £1099.98 I could say that that machine replaces thousands of pounds of commercial equipment I could go for (and a lot of space).I can see why it went cold and expected nothing else but still posted the deal as I think it could be a great machine for someone opening a cafe/restaurant/bakery etc and buying attachements that would be of use for them at £40 - £60 each (high speed blender, pasta maker, food processor etc (most of them on sale at the moment and 10%off works too).


Not voting, just curious... But what does this do that a cheap mixer can't?

Kenwood Classic Chef KM330 - £98.99 @ Kenwood
Found 29th Mar 2017Found 29th Mar 2017
Kenwood Classic Chef KM330 - £98.99 @ Kenwood
The price is already discounted to £109.99 however you can use code THANKS10 to get it further down to £98.99. Free Delivery. The nearest price elsewhere is Amazon UK at £135.

If you talking about making roti/chappati dough then yes, that's what I bought it for. Measure dough, add a teaspoon oil and then add water gradually. When its nearly done, add teaspoon of oil to finish it off. I have kept it on min speed only and result is dough kneaded closely matching how I would have done manually. It took 5-7 mins to make roti dough from 400g flour and about 300ml water.


Can you 'ghun atta' with this?


its back up to £180


As above, I have this model - when I bought mine it came with the k beater, whisk and dough hook attachments, plus a large recipe book, splash guard and spatula. No liquidiser, you can buy that attachment separately though. Hope that helps xx


I have this model - albeit I bought it 3-4 years ago. It's metal framed and the bowl is plastic xx