Kenya - Mombasa beaches - 13 nights - full board - April - £426 per person!!

Kenya - Mombasa beaches - 13 nights - full board - April - £426 per person!!

Found 29th Mar 2007
I've been looking for a wee holiday at - I'd snap this one up if the dates suited me, but alas and alack... they don't. To get it for this price, you have to be willing to travel in April.

This looks like an amazing deal - £371 for full board, 13 nights in Kenya, at a 5 shield hotel (just short of a 5 star).

Details: As hotel grading systems in Kenya differ considerably from those you are accustomed to in Europe, we have developed our own unique system to give you an idea of the standard of our hotels. Our classifications range from 1 to 6 shields; from basic accommodation to an excellent standard with a wide range of facilities but should not be confused with the usual international star ratings.

EDIT - adding in the £55 fuel surcharge...


A wee holiday - you might wanna head down to you local public loo's then :giggle:

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Wow Emma thats impressive!!!
Shame i'm just at the end of 6 wks off work. They will think i'm taking the **** if I ask for more time off!

If travelling to kenya, be very careful in Nairobi. It is like walking into the ghetto for the purpose of being robbed.

Very corrupt country indeed.

I been there once, i will never ever go back to Nairobi again.

BTW: i speak from experience & my father was born in kenya. Just mentioning this before someone brings up rascism

beware the rainy season:roll:

we were in kenya a few years ago march/april
it was very humid and the locals were expecting the rains
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