Kerbal Space Program (PC & Mac) Download (paypal accepted)

Kerbal Space Program (PC & Mac) Download (paypal accepted)

Found 2nd Dec 2012
KSP is an indie game, now in development for 2 years and based on the Minecraft model of gradual increasing price until it is finished. It is still technically in alpha but it's now 'sandbox complete'.

The premise is that you control an alien race in their somewhat makeshift and disaster prone efforts of a space program. The hook is you have a solar system to explore. You'll learn a lot about rocket science and get to recreate famous space missions. There's a vibrant modding community adding all sorts of extra parts and plugins.

One of the developer maxims is "there will never be weapons in KSP" (though the modders have been busy there!).

The game just had a landmark release of 0.18 and now costs $23 - and it's totally worth it!

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>paying this much for an indie game
>paying for a flash game
>trusting anything based on a Minecraft model of payment


>paying for a flash game

I don't see how this is relevant.
It's not a Flash game; it's a standalone game based on the Unity 3D engine.

It's not finished, but what it does right now is enough for hours of entertainment.

True, there's no real deals to be had on it, but the earlier you jump on board, the cheaper it is. The 0.18 release IMHO puts it into the realm of commercial quality.
It's an awesome game, played it more than most other titles this year tbh.
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