Kes (1969) £2.99 DELIVERED @ play

Kes (1969) £2.99 DELIVERED @ play

Found 30th Aug 2009Made hot 31st Aug 2009
i know this was put on a while back but i thought id put it on again its over a month and some people might of missed this great film, absolute classic!

Kes is the story of Barnsley boy Billy Casper (David Bradley), academic failure and eternal victim, who finds release and a sense of personal identity through training the eponymous kestrel. Committed to falconry in a way he'll never be to anything at school, Billy gets abuse from his snotty peers and malicious PE teacher Mr. Sugden (Brian Glover). Only buoyant Mr. Farthing (Colin Welland) shows any interest in Billy's extracurricular activities as, he discovers this apparently useless layabout is actually highly intelligent and dedicated.


Wow...I remember watching this & reading this in school. Is a classic for sure!

As Evouk said, a CLASSIC movie!

Voted hot, and I'm buying it.

*rolls eyes*

proper bo


proper bo

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