Keter 6x6ft plastic shed £389.99 - Argos

Keter 6x6ft plastic shed £389.99 - Argos

£389.99Argos Deals
Found 20th Aug 2017Edited by:"ashman33"
Keter shed 6x6 from Argos. Quite a large shed. I don't have much experience of the brand quality but itseems to get good reviews.
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My mum had several of these, quite sturdy and lasted well - nearly 12 years so far - but they arent exactly cheap.

For ~£600 and a LOT of assembly time, you can get a metal 9'x24' garage kit - not as sturdy, but an awful lot more storage space.
Do you think you could live in one of these? 🙄
After watching... Click.... this week on the BBC from in this would be luxury
Not without electric, water and a toilet
Ikeo121 h, 13 m ago

Do you think you could live in one of these? 🙄

Yes you can if you dont like this world.
I will consider it, thank you for the input

Maybe I'll move to Mumbai
Fantastic product,f antastic price,by far the best on the market,had this identical shed for 8 years,ok,I had to get someone who knew what they were doing to erect it,not let a thimble full of water in ,,red hot from me.
Bought this exact model 6 or 7 years ago from B & Q when they were flogging their remaining stock for £100 or £150. It's doing great, perfectly dry inside. The only maintenance I've given it in this time was a washdown last year.

As long as you have a nice, level base, setting it up with two people is a doddle.
Bet they sell a shed load
I bought the same shed about 4 months ago and am thrilled to bits with it. It feels flimsy whilst building but once up is fine. 3 of us put it up in about 2 hours, but I'm sure it could have been done quicker by more proficient people!!It is watertight, even with the awful weather we have had. Would recommend most definitely! ( I did get mine for £214 on an Amazon daily deal though)
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