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Posted 22 September 2022

Keter Corfu Outdoor 4 Seater Rattan Sofa Furniture Set with Accent Table - Graphite with Cream/Mushroom Cushions £169.99 @ Amazon

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Graphite With Cream/Mushroom

Keter 4 Seater Set

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Every garden and outdoor space should be enjoyed to the max and what better way to appreciate a beautiful summer's day than to relax in the comfort of your own home.

Give your outdoor seating area an upgrade with furniture that's designed to look good and feel even better. The Corfu triple set, which includes a pair of cushioned armchairs, a cushioned two-seater sofa and an accent table, is ergonomically designed, making it easy for you to lounge as long as you like.

Simple but elegant, the range is made without metallic frames so they do not rust, and therefore requires little maintenance giving you the optimal finish that looks consistently good all year round.

All there is left to do is to sit back and relax whilst you watch the summer nights draw in.


  • Ideal indoor/outdoor lounge set for gardens, conservatories and entertaining spaces
  • Built for comfort, the Corfu lounge set includes a two seater sofa, two armchairs and coffee table which can accommodate up to four people
  • Sleek and sophisticated garden furniture with a rattan - style flat weave that is durable, weather resistant and low maintenance
  • Lightweight design with only household tools needed for easy assembly
  • High quality garden furniture with 3-year guarantee (excluding cushions)
  • Ships in several boxes, may ship separately

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  1. Avatar
    Anyone who owns this set, would you recommend it for a conservatory please? Likely to get fairly regular, but light use (1-2hrs a day by medium built users)
    4 members of my family have these. I got mine first and it has been fine. My daughter and sister have both had the seats crack on theirs. Not sure if it is from direct sunlight or something. I really like mine as it is easy to clean and comfy
  2. Avatar
    Are these fairly heavy ? Wondering how safe in windy conditions.

    I left mines out on a very windy day and they blew across the garden and were destroyed.
    I had to get replacement parts from keter.
    Good luck with getting any replacement parts from keter. Read their reviews. They used to be brilliant but now are terrible to deal with. I've got a store it out ultra and requested replacement parts in May and they eventually said they can't get them and will refund me. Eight weeks on nothing despite chasing on several occasions
  3. Avatar
    Can you leave these outside all winter? (cushions excluded, of course) (edited)
    Yes mines on its 3rd year still perfect.
  4. Avatar
    Are these fairly heavy ? Wondering how safe in windy conditions
    I tie mine together as 1st set did get damaged as blown around garden
  5. Avatar
    How does everyone keep spider and spiderwebs at bay when storing outside, any tips?
    Did get a few over Winter/Summer, just have to brush down every now and then
  6. Avatar
    I have this set on one of our patios.
    Good and long lasting.
    My only suggestion is to put some weight in the table legs... We have 6 dogs and I guarantee EVERY time I put a full fresh cuppa on the table they would wag their tails or barge past it to sit beside me.... Spilling the cuppa...lol
    That sounds really light. Lol
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    Just to let you know the after sales of Keter directly are absolutely appalling. I lost a few of the plastic bolts due to a stupid fox using it as jumping board to hike my fence, in the process launching a chair and snapping a few of the bolts.

    For love nor money can I get replacements for them. So it looks like an otherwise perfectly fine chair, it's off to the tip.
    I had a different experience for shed parts. We bought a shed, used, and only checked much later and found it didn't include the parts for fixing the door.

    Emailed Keter asking where we can purchase spares from and their response time was atrocious, yeah, but they eventually sent the parts required out with no quibble at no cost!

    It would suck if you needed something from them urgently, yeah, but the freebie even though it was second hand did go some way to replenishing the good faith
  8. Avatar
    Yeah, definitely fugly. Looks like a wheelchair minus the wheels.
    So a chair then?
  9. Avatar
  10. Avatar
    I bought 2 sets of these on 2nd September 2015 for £89.70 each.

    They still look great, in fact id never have suspected it was 7 years unless I'd gone back to my Amazon account to check.

    The cushions have been out in all weathers and still look good.

    The only very slight issue with them is that there are some rattan effect caps that conceal the plastic assembly screw that never really clip in properly and occasionally drop off. Other than that these are excellent.

    Despite me paying almost half the current price, I'd gladly pay this for them now, assuming the quality has remained the same.
  11. Avatar
    Will there be any other or better deals for something like this? I need one for next year so I imagine now or in winter will be the cheapest time to get garden furniture
  12. Avatar
    April 2021 - Paid £243

    This is a great price.
  13. Avatar
    Just ordered one with the intention of putting it away for next year but I guess i will have to assemble it first just to check its OK 
  14. Avatar
    What is the name of this particular Keter outdoor furniture set agaim?
  15. Avatar
    Love mine may buy a second set for end of garden
  16. Avatar
    I paid £145 for this from Amazon in July - and interestingly this price point doesn't show on Camel
    I think it looks fine but my partner thinks it looks a bit fugly.
    Heated (edited)
    I'm with your partner, but then again for £170 I wouldn't expect it to look like a £1,000 set
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    Dose it ship to n.ireland
  18. Avatar
    They are just not comfortable at all for me, had a set similar for years and barely gets used after initial interest in it.
  19. Avatar
    Nice for a children's playhouse...
  20. Avatar
    We have this set and the seats cracked on two of the chairs resulting in a battle with keter to try and get replacement parts that went on for months. Of all the companies I’ve dealt with, they are certainly one of the worst.
  21. Avatar
    nice find OP. I like the sun loungers I picked up via deal on here but they were aseembled. Very tearly tempted with these but having seen the assembly looking a bit like a jigsaw I will skip.
  22. Avatar
    Bought this summer and I like it! It’s comfortable and a decent size. Yet to experience any of the issues in this thread thankfully.
  23. Avatar
    Thanks op. Great price. They look to be about £300 or more from anywhere else.
  24. Avatar
    Well mine's just turned up

    48305960_1.jpg48305960_1.jpg48305960_1.jpg48305960_1.jpg48305960_1.jpg (edited)
    Wow did that take a trip through Ukraine first?!
  25. Avatar
    Mine arrived yesterday too. Missing one important piece. Looks good otherwise.48313905-t5SyT.jpg
  26. Avatar
    Mine arrived with 2 broken parts, called amazon & they are going to send a new set so I can swap defective parts & they will return following day to collect the return. They are also crediting my amazon account with £20 voucher for the inconvenience Was really pleased with their response & service I received (edited)
    I've got a knackered part on the order I made for my mother.

    They're also sending a full replacement and picking it back up a few days later.
    No £20 though.
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    These are awful, we bought one a couple of years ago on a similar offer and sent it back as it was cheap crap. It was broken, flimsy, not worth £50. Save the money and get a proper set in a different sale
  28. Avatar
    Can anyone recommend a good cover for these please that will protect in the winter out are they good to leave out?
    Good to leave out.
    Don't need covering - just remove the cushions.
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