Keter folding work bench £29.99 @ screwfix

Keter folding work bench £29.99 @ screwfix

Found 7th Jan 2017
keter folding work bench 29.99 reduced from 42.99. I paid over £50 for one of these a couple of months ago and it was well worth it. a good sturdy bench to work on and a steal at this price in my opinion. I'll be ordering another anyway

anything I've missed just let me know as I'm not a regular poster.
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Looks great, but can't find any stores near me or my family with any stock.
no stock near me either! shame

Looks great, but can't find any stores near me or my family with any … Looks great, but can't find any stores near me or my family with any stock.

Ditto just searched in three different counties none available :-( Looks a good bit of kit too.
No stock Northamptonshire
sorry guys I didn't check before i posted this. There's not even any in stock near me it'll be a nice little saving for someone if there are any left out there though lol
These have been OOS for ages. The replacement (as I THINK Keter and FS are now one and the same) is £45.…12j. Still cheaper at Screwfix than anywhere else tough.
These are amazing benches - had one for a while. Would really like the one that Costco sell, with the different clamps, but can't justify buying another one and don't seem to be able to buy the clamps separately.
None near me. Wonder if there is any stock around
I think it's catalogue error
Have been cheaper at b&q
Yep, was looking at these the other day. No stock anywhere near Hastings. Not that I need one, I've got the red n black version, great bit of kit. Paid around £50 with a voucher
Oos nearly everywhere near me
If you can get one, you certainly won't be disappointed. Very sturdy, very useful.
If you're looking for a bench it's worth it full price, just get one anyway.
Top bit of kit but oos in South Wales. Gutted!
Probably don't even exist at this price just a ploy to get people to their web site.
OOS around the derby area
Can't imagine the durability of these being mainly plastic and the one setup in B@Q seemed non to sturdy.
None in Merseyside area.
these screwfix deals are annoying recently. have all these deals with absolutely zero stock anywhere in the country.
Hi guys be careful with the clamps just broke the trigger handle and can’t find a replacement 😩😩
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