Keter Playhouse - Kids great for summer! £50 @ B&Q

Keter Playhouse - Kids great for summer! £50 @ B&Q

Found 6th Apr 2016
B&Q have a playhouse made by keter. Got one last year and its fantastic. They have them again this year cheap, @£50. Normal price says £71.

Def worth it for the money. Ones ive seen that are £100 mark in stores such as argos arent nearly as good as this. Its basicalky a 1mtr sq house.

8th april to 11th april. Check to see if your local store has any. Idk if its online also but i cant check atm (poor internet connection).
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Thank you
Wouldn't say it was worth £50 - got it in tesco recently for £25 ( I know, no time machine ) and I would say it just about worth £25.
It's so light - not at all sturdy, I can't imagine it lasting more than 1 summer…173
I wouldn't recommend these, there aren't made to last. We bought one and the roof caved in when it snowed, also they aren't that good as a play house, due to the very open sides my daughter ended up just climbing through the window and running round to do it again, and never really used it as a playhouse.
Fab Deal!
Good for the price.
We bought ours 2nd hand nearly 2 years ago. Cleaned it ready for nicer weather the other week. It's as good as new, no fading. We have the green and red one. They do go down to about £25 at end of summer, but doubt you'd get that sort of price for a while yet..
My sons one has been in the elements for a year and a half now, not faded, weakened or blown away - i hadnt seen them anywhere else but as mentioned - probably unlikely to get cheaper as summer approaches!

-side note : I'd say if any children cant use windows or doors appropriately, maybe try engage them a bit more? I built a mud kitchen which works great alongside this :-)
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