Keter Shelving: 5-shelf @ £9.99. 4-shelf @ £6.99.  Plus min £3.99 delivery. @ Brooklyn Trading

Keter Shelving: 5-shelf @ £9.99. 4-shelf @ £6.99. Plus min £3.99 delivery. @ Brooklyn Trading

Found 16th Jun 2016
Until 19-June, Brooklyn Trading are selling the following Keter Shelving ...
- 5-shelf @ £9.99.
- 4-shelf @ £6.99.
Plus min £3.99 delivery. (It was £9.99 for 3 for me).

Worth the delivery if buying 2 or more.
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£9.99 delivery seems excessive
Ive just ordered one of each and delivery is only £3.99... Bargain if you ask me!

£9.99 delivery seems excessive

Well it cost that much for 3. Seems much less for 1, as per c_woodley!
The fact that it's plastic puts me off big time
the other half has a few of these in the garage and they seem quite sturdy.
They are not too bad but make sure any load is evenly distributed as they can and will crack underneath if you put larger items towards the middle of the shelf. We used a load of these when refitting the kitchen and there were some broken shelves towards the end of the refit.
I tried ordering some, it said free delivery as I had ordered 6, but when it got to PayPal payment it had added over £47 for delivery to the Isle of Wight. I think I will pass, I wonder if they will deliver to the ferry in Portsmouth free. oO
yeah dont bother it wont be strong enough for much
price now £9.99 for 4 shelf and £12.99 for 5 shelf.
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