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Keto Diet: 2020 Complete Guide to a High-Fat Diet . 170+ Delectable Recipes. Heal Your Body. Kindle Edition now Free @ Amazon

Posted 20th Sep 2020

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Print Length 243 pages
Customer reviews
4.2 out of 5 stars
21 global ratings
Paperback Price £13.33

The word diet is often associated with something not very tasty and a constant feeling of hunger, but this is only until you have tried the Keto diet. We understand what it is and how it can be useful.
A Ketogenic diet, often called a Keto diet, is a low-carb diet with a high fat content and a moderate amount of protein. It was popular in the 1920s. Its feature is energy production due to the breakdown of fats, not carbohydrates. The goal is to trigger the Ketosis mechanism in the body. Due to the decrease in the number of carbohydrates from food, the liver begins to convert fat into fatty acids and Ketone bodies. The latter are used by our brain as fuel to obtain the necessary energy. Initially, this diet was developed specifically for children with epilepsy to maintain a high level of Ketone bodies in the blood. This helps reduce the frequency of seizures.
It regained its popularity as modern nutritionists began to use it to combat obesity.In this book, you will find the following :
  • What is a keto diet?

  • Keto Diet Grocery List
  • More than 170 Recipes
  • The types of Keto
  • Personal Keto Diet Experience
  • and more!
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