Kettle Chips 3 for £1 @ Home Bargains
Kettle Chips 3 for £1 @ Home Bargains

Kettle Chips 3 for £1 @ Home Bargains

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Just been to home bargains and they had 40g Kettle Chips at 3 for £1. Good price as most other supermarkets sell these between 50p - 60p each. They had the 3 main flavours:
Lightly Salted
Sea Salt and Balsamic Vinegar
Mature Cheddar and Red Onion


A special price for very special crisps.
As they are sold in America they call them "chips!"
Heat added. Thanks for the post.

salt+vin, best crisps ever made....

Cold chips? "Yuk" Why are they calling them chips when they are crisps and made in UK?

What about localisation? Why pander to the Americans? Let them learn that they are crisps.

They are chips because they are American in origin.

maaan, I want some kettle chips now

They also have Walkers Sensations Thai Sweet Chilli for 15p per pack (individual bag size)


They also have the large Kettle Chips bags for about 70-80p when I was in at the weekend...the ones that usualy cost £1.50-£1.70.

I call them chips but I have heard of the odd person in oz calling them crisps, but they were odd!

Is there anywhere else besides the UK that call them crisps?


They are chips because they are American in origin.

You may have thought so....

"We call our chips - chips because to us that's exactly what they are. One of the key characteristics, which separates our product from a normal crisp, is the thickness of the potato slices which are fried by hand. To us that is exactly what a chip should be. As the finished product is so different from what people have come to expect from standard crisps we wanted to distance ourselves from the other crisp manufacturers. So called them Chips because they are not crisps."

They clearly do not understand the term in the English language:

I quote the Oxford English Dictionary:
Chip: "A long rectangular piece of deep-fried potato".

Are Kettle products long and rectangular?
I think not. Therefore, in England, by definition they are NOT chips.
They are crisps. Crisps do not have any maximum thickness.

Jeez Dude these are Awesome Chips !

om nom nom.


Jeez Dude these are Awesome Chips !

yep, i love these.

hot deal

Home 'and' Bargains = the best store.....

I remember being in Liverpool ( where it started ) nine odd years ago....

most of the stock is stuff which does'nt sell in the mainstream stores.... but they price it so cheap its well worth buying, but i guess sometimes the get stock in which the company has over produced.

stack up... cream cheese and chive big bags are a bargain at 79p.... YUM

bahhh, no home bargain near me

Sometimes Home Bargains seels the brand Real Crisps. They are every bit as good as Kettle Chips, but 15p for a 30g bag and 19p for a 60g bag. People buy them by the box.

Home Bargains is just an awesome shop.
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