Kettler Go Kart £10 @ Halfords (was £100) In store

Kettler Go Kart £10 @ Halfords (was £100) In store

Found 10th Feb 2015
Kettle Aero Go Kart was £100 now £10 in stores.
Got ours from Manchester Fort Retail Park.
It is national but don't think there many left, think they are being discontinued.
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Can I add a photo of receipt anywhere?
whats code number on receipt 6 numbers
It's 326980
Is this online or instore only?
Great deal but not online, must be just a selection of stores.
I did say in stores.

Can I add a photo of receipt anywhere?

Hi, you can use an image hosting site and drop the links into comments if you like Or take a look Here for a guide on posting images
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Will phone my local tomorrow. Fingers crossed



Will phone my local tomorrow. Fingers crossed

Good luck
Just called Southport store, they have none in, nor do the nearest 5 stores :-(
Torn on this one... If I vote hot it will creep closer the the magic heat number meaning my chances of getting one will be lower... Damn it, its a great deal, Voted hot and will get there after the school run.
none locally but heat
Any left at the forts when you left?
anyone found any near leeds. ta
Anyone fount any in birmingham?



Any left at the forts when you left?

There was one reserved with a note on..possible it was never collected?
What age is this suitable for ?



What age is this suitable for ?

Age 5+
Is there any left in manchester fort?
None left in Manchester fort :-(
none left in ,Arbroath, Dundee, Perth, Kirkcaldy, Dunfermline, or any Edinburgh stores
None left in our Norwich store or anywhere locally. BUT READING has 2 apparently! This was at 09.30am
So if anyone is in Reading go get a bargain
just phoned redhill branch. have been told there is stock in gallway... anyone living around there should be in luck.
None in Glasgow But 1 is showing in stock in Edinburgh
Call CS on 0845 057 9000 to locate this item but be quick !!!
I got my lad one of these and he loves it, paid £80 for it though...! If you do get one, be aware that there is an issue with some of them when the chain keeps coming off due to the sprocket being warped. Our 1st one had to go back because of this but the replacement is just fine. Mind you, for a tenner.....!
All gone in Reading.....snapped up real fast!!
absolute bargain, picked up the last one at Hounslow! cashier was shocked - think she was disappointed that she didn't know and wanted one for her kids!
I have no idea how good these are - but I recognise the Kettler brand - so I would have thought they would be pretty decent
I always wanted one as a kid.
In store only i take it?
None in Wallasey!
None in Slough

In store only i take it?

Yes. They were bought in as christmas stock which is why theyre now being cleared so cheaply.

None in the south yorkshire area by the way
None in Leeds
So all the nice staff I spoke to can have a break from answering the phone - I am informed there are now none available in Scotland.
I just bought the last 11 from my local store. Ideal for a Sunday afternoon after football. We can all have a race before and after the pub. Also I don't think we need a licence for these so can drive home safely.

...... Of course I didn't buy 11 they had 22 I took the lot so both teams can race.
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just rang the Shrewsbury store and they checked the whole country no one has any x x
I always wanted one when I was a kid (I always used to circle it eveytime a new Argos catalog came out).

Not sure if I`d fit in one now..
How are you guys checking stock levels? I cant find the thing on the website..
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