Kevin And Perry Go Large (DVD) for £1.49 @

Kevin And Perry Go Large (DVD) for £1.49 @

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Found 26th Nov 2011
KEVIN AND PERRY GO LARGE follows our two hormonally challenged lads on their quest to lose their virginity and become the worlds top DJ mixmasters.
Its the Summer holidays and Kevin (Harry Enfield) and Perry (Kathy Burke) know that theres only one place where the DJ reigns supreme and girls are gagging for it- IBIZA. Armed with a suitcase full of condoms and some wicked gear the boys head for the promised land of sun, sea and big shags.
On arrival, the boys spy the girls of their dreams Candice (Laura Fraser) and Gemma (Tabitha Wady) as well as their Idol- superstar DJ Eye Ball Paul (Rhys Ifans).Will this be the best summer ever? Will the boys get their new track "Big Girl" played in the clubs? Will they finally get to do it?
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Mr and Mrs Pattison can I have a jam sandwich please?
Out of stock -expired.
Wish this would come out on blu-ray
I've been having an Old Skool night on youtube and many of the tracks from this have featured.
Reminded me of some amazing nights out and some people I'll never see again for various reasons-just reminds me of probably the best time of my life.
"all i wanna do is do it" great soundtrack,"amnesia",great club!
I am NOT your slave.
I know this has expired, but this film is EPIC! Buy it wherever you can
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