Key safe £7.99 @ Aldi

Key safe £7.99 @ Aldi

Found 10th Mar 2014
Probably not best to put in full view next to your front door but good if you can keep this somewhere out if view.
Indoors or outdoors, keep your keys safe and secure.

3 number combination lock
Internal key-hanging hook
Sturdy, solid steel structure
Includes wall-mounting plug and screws
Product reference: 50111
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3 number combination

So even if you don't have a feeler gauge handy it won't take long to open.

1000 possible combinations would take a while!
I can see that one of these might be OK inside your house, as it will be more secure than a pile of keys on a cupboard by the front door. But attached to a wall outdoors? No way.
Its huge! I think I could park my coupe in there.
Outside? No way!

1000 possible combinations would take a while!

Guessing the combination, ten minutes at most.

Using a feeler gauge, less than a minute.

Brute force with a hammer, screwdriver or brick, a few seconds.

Aldi should know better than to stock this crap.
These are primarily for people who are inside the home already, but cant get up to answer the door... often so carers can let themselves in to care for someone. Not for the lazy home owner who cant be bothered to carry their own keys around with them!!
probably useless to me when I'm drunk, just making it even hard for me to fet inside the house
this looks cack
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