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Camel Ribeye Steak (1 in a 225g Pack) - £2 / £16.99 delivered (free del over £60) @ Kezie Foods
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Posted 13th Jul 2019Posted 13th Jul 2019
Camel Ribeye Steak (1 in a 225g Pack) - £2 / £16.99 delivered (free del over £60) @ Kezie Foods£16.99
Cheaper than beef ribeye at the moment and very delicious. Free delivery is £60 so it's a deal to buy in bulk, just buy 30 of them and stick them in the freezer!
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I've been looking, where can I get a better camel ribeye steak bulk buy deal, I haven't been able to find one.


And if you don’t your stuck with £60 worth of camel steak!


Op does suggest buying x30 of these to get free delivery. So if you don't like the delivery charge just buy a whole camels worth of steaks. Hopefully you will like them :D


£15 delivery. Wow!


ribeye ! I much prefer hump steak

2 Bison Burgers (220g) - £1 @ Kezie Foods (£14.99 delivery up to £30 / free over £60)
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Posted 13th Jul 2019Posted 13th Jul 2019
2 Bison Burgers (220g) - £1 @ Kezie Foods (£14.99 delivery up to £30 / free over £60)£15.99
A pound for this much bison meat is unbelievably cheap. Healthier and more delicious than beef in my honest opinion. Free delivery is £60 so just buy 60 packs and still them in th… Read more
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Where can I buy cheaper bison meat? Haven't been able to find anywhere.


We buy all our meat in bulk and stick it in our outdoor freezer. When the indoor freezer runs dry, we bring in more "stock" from the outdoor one. It's SO much cheaper to buy in bulk and freeze. £60 worth of gear from this shop seems easy. I've never used them, so it's a big punt for me, which I wouldn't personally do - just in case you're stuck with it. We generally buy the 10kg of Chicken Breasts from Booker and then go wild in the aisles for other steaks and bits. Just back from a £140 shop now and I've got more meat in two full to the brim freezers than we'll eat in 3 months (family of 5)


How can you vote hot for £15 delivery?

Xmas Family Hamper (exotic meats) £39.99 (Free Delivery) @ Kezie foods
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Posted 15th Dec 2018Posted 15th Dec 2018
Xmas Family Hamper (exotic meats) £39.99 (Free Delivery) @ Kezie foods£39.99£80.9951%
For anybody interested in some exotic meats for xmas they have 2 hampers on offer with free delivery. Also the items in the hampers are being offered at heavily reduced prices alth… Read more
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I've used Kezie many times before and can recommend. Well almost certainly purchase one of these hampers. Thanks OP


please note the hampers come with free delivery. For some strange reason somebody updated this to add £9.99 delivery but as already said this comes with free delivery.


Kangaroo? I want Jam Roly Poly.


Already eating lots of exotic meats. Something akin to a dinosaur leg floating around in last nights hotpot, and what appeared to be a cat's tooth in the "lamb" the night before. Chur Fan !!


Not an android phone is it.

mackerel,ostrich,kangaroo jalapeno and more ..from 75p @ Kezie Foods
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Posted 11th Jun 2018Posted 11th Jun 2018
mackerel,ostrich,kangaroo jalapeno and more ..from 75p @ Kezie Foods£0.75
fish, meat for unbeatable price from 75p
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Mmmm yummy, partially cooked ostrich burgers (annoyed)


ostrich burgers comes just $3.60 for kilo....pork priced more in most shops.. looks like vegetarians voting cold :)



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£10.99 on orders up to the value of £20.00£4.95 on orders up to the value of £65.00FREE on orders over the value of £65.00 buy whole delivery

Halloween Flamedeer 2020
What's that Skippy? Kangaroo fillet steaks. Was £6.91 @ Kenzi
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Posted 8th Jan 2018Posted 8th Jan 2018
What's that Skippy? Kangaroo fillet steaks. Was £6.91 @ Kenzi£2.50
Sourced from Australia High In Protein With an all natural diet, Kangaroos unique flavour is always a hit 2 in a 250g Pack

They used to sell them in Lidl. I'd make them into a stew and take into work for my lunch much to the dismay of the cat owners for some reason.


They all [crocodiles,camels,other..]aprox 130 kcal per 100gram.,and very rich with protein


Not seen them in mine for at least 18 months, but I used to get the kangaroo sausages a lot as they were very low in fat (for a sausage anyway!).


Don't I remember Sainsburys trying to sell kangaroo steak and being on the receiving end of the animal welfare nutters? There are 45 MILLION of the things in Australia and a few steaks on the barbee won't matter.


Ooh no...not Skippy.....

Reindeer Sausages x 6 £7.22 KEZIE Foods
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Posted 10th Dec 2014Posted 10th Dec 2014
Reindeer Sausages x 6 £7.22 KEZIE Foods£7.22
I have posted this kind of thing every year for the last couple and it always goes down like a lead baloon so why break with the tradition :). No idea if its cheap or not but it's … Read more
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No Flamedeer for me


I don't know what you're doing if you find it harder to browse, all the hot deals are right on the front page and if I want to search a specific store I can. I could understand your point if the site was totally flooded with these posts but the simple fact is that it is'nt. It's a shame you feel that way :)


Because, it basically doubles the amount of crap I need to browse through to find actually decent deals. It stopped being funny 2 years ago.


Why would you let it irritate you?


I love christmas, but the flamedeer stuff is irritating. People posting mostly useless crap at normal prices in the vain hope they can get a flamedeer and win one of the very limited number of prizes. Meanwhile, the site is clogged with crap "deals", making it harder to actually find decent deals.... which is the point of the site.