KFC Colonels Club offers (11th September - 8th October 2017) including £4 Ricebox Meal and more Free Fries on Fridays!

KFC Colonels Club offers (11th September - 8th October 2017) including £4 Ricebox Meal and more Free Fries on Fridays!

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New KFC Colonels Club offers have been revealed starting from 11th September 2017!

Including -
- £4 Ricebox Meal
- £3 off a 6 piece Bargain Bucket
- Free Fries on Fridays for another month!

New sign-ups currently get 3 stamps and a FREE SIDE! hotukdeals.com/tag/dea…036 (you can use as many emails to make accounts as you want to get a free side for every visit! no minimum spend required to claim the stamp reward!!! You can link every dummy account to your main account using KFC Colonels Club code linking system (please don't post codes on HUKD) and if you make a purchase on each dummy account, you get three stamps automatically on your main account for each dummy and therefore quickly earn the rewards). Free Side List - 2 Hot Wings, Small Popcorn, Streetwise Sundae (Strawberry or Toffee), Gravy, Beans, Coleslaw, Fries, Cobette, Regular Tango, Regular 7UP, Regular Pepsi (Normal, Diet or Max), Still Spring Water, Robinsons Apple Blackcurrant, Lipton Peach, Black Americano, Tea, Hot Chocolate, Latte, Mocha, Cappucino, White Coffee

Download the app on Google Play Store or iOS App Store, sign up to receive the offers and enjoy! Offers multiple use like past deals.

Pass the Colonels Club app bar code or card to the cashier while ordering to claim the deal offers and to claim stamps. Earn 3 stamps = Free Side (New sign ups as stated above get 3 stamps free), 7 stamps = Free Snack, 11 stamps = £5 off anything on the menu. 1 stamp is earned for any order over £3, 2 stamps are earned for any order over £15, however only a max of 2 stamps can be earned per day. Don't forget to claim your free stamp when ordering the 9 piece £6 bucket on Tuesdays (hotukdeals.com/dea…291 )

Also students can use their studentbeans account to put a 15% discount automatically applied to purchases on their colonels club account. *EDIT* - I have visited my local KFC today and found out that they no longer provide a 15% discount for students, but replaced it with freebies instead which include a free mini fillet burger or a free krushem/kreamball.
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Just created a 'dummy' account with another email address of mine.

I've logged into it and its stating I've only got 1 stamp and no free side?

Any ideas why?
How much is the 6 piece bargain bucket? TIA
notahappybunny1530 m ago

How much is the 6 piece bargain bucket? TIA

Think its 9.99
malnuman12 m ago

Think its 9.99

Gone up £10.99 now
9 pieces for £5.99 start tomorrow though
how much is the Ricebox normally?
deleted1431257Original Poster
greyhound117 h, 52 m ago

how much is the Ricebox normally?

£5.49 for a Ricebox Meal according to BurgerLad (may vary by restaurant - for example the martineau place Birmingham City Center KFC prices are usually around 30-50p more than the local KFCs)
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