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£29 for 8 days' secure parking and chauffeured transfers for Manchester Airport + 8.4% TCB @ KGB deals
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Posted 3rd Oct 2014Posted 3rd Oct 2014
£29 for 8 days' secure parking and chauffeured transfers for Manchester Airport + 8.4% TCB @ KGB deals
Don't forget to go via TBC to get: 8.4% Expires on 31/03/2015. 1 voucher per person. May buy 1 additional as a gift. Booking required online at M… Read more
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my car is a motability vehicle and im pretty sure they wdnt allow some randomer to drive my car


Dam. Just paid £34 for 7 nights on Jet Park Plus and that was with a discount. And also, keeping my own car keys


Voting cold you can get better deals by shopping around

shahidkapoor191083 check this reviews and you will think 1000 times before even entering their site.


KGB company is a scam/con and needs to be reported so nobody else gets conned...beware awful reviews.

£11 for a child's protective wristband alarm - delivery included - KGB Deals
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Posted 29th Sep 2014Posted 29th Sep 2014
£11 for a child's protective wristband alarm - delivery included - KGB Deals
Good for peace of mind. Looks just like a watch or a bracelet. Simply place the 'transmitter' on your child's wrist when you're going out in public, and you'll keep hold of the rec… Read more
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I wonder if anyone has received one of these. I ordered on the 30th September and have not received mine yet.


Didn't we all ;)


Damn, I had the idea for these back in 1999, do wish I'd have made the effort to build one and take it to mothercare/similar :(


Indeed, but at least it gives you a fighting chance of figuring out which direction they went in... I might be wrong, but I'm guessing you're not a parent yet - it's very easy for a child to go missing while you're at a shop till trying to put your PIN into a card machine, etc. etc.


Bit late once your child's gone?

RIO BRAZIL , ALL YOU CAN EAT Brazilian grill with a glass of Prosecco for two £29 at kGB Deals
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Posted 17th Sep 2014Posted 17th Sep 2014
RIO BRAZIL , ALL YOU CAN EAT Brazilian grill with a glass of Prosecco for two £29 at kGB Deals
Experience all the color and pageantry of Brazil when you enjoy all the flavours available to your palate with this deal for all-you-can-eat Brazilian grill with a glass of Prosecc… Read more

lol, me too.


That looks raw ugh.


I thought it said "all you can eat Brazilian girl".

32GB USB flash drive £8.00 delivered @ KGB
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Posted 11th Sep 2014Posted 11th Sep 2014
32GB USB flash drive £8.00 delivered @ KGB
£8 for 32gb Deal for some I guess A bit of a wait though, 2-4 weeks if any interest to anyone

Thanks toobers! I will avoid them next time I think of buying something from them.


I brought the coupons from this company last year and sent of for the dongles one didnt turn up and the other was suppose to be 64gb and it turned out to be 2gb I contacted Kgb after contacting the other company and they did nothing I would stay away from Kgb and go with one of the other companys like Groupon at lease when I have a problem you can ring them and they will sort it.


if that wait then china crap


You can get it for this price without the wait - usb2

'Watch Me Grow' baby photo plan -nationwide - 3 photo shoots and prints - £8.99 at KGB Deals /
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Posted 3rd Sep 2014Posted 3rd Sep 2014
'Watch Me Grow' baby photo plan -nationwide - 3 photo shoots and prints - £8.99 at KGB Deals /
Lovely gift for new parents / parents very soon to be! Or just to capture the magic of your little one! Designed especially for babies aged 0-12 months, watch them progressively c… Read more

we bought a £19 deal once for a photoshoot and when we went to view their cheapest photo was £795!!!!


We had one of these done but ours was free. The cost of photos afterwards was crazy something like £80 a photo.


During each photo shoot you'll be harassed into purchasing more photos at inflated prices. And you wonder why it's £8.99 on a deals website...,


These places usually then expect you to buy a package of photos costing £100's at the end of the shoot, often using pressure sales.

£8 for a Frozen wall sticker - delivery included - KGB Deals
Posted 3rd Sep 2014Posted 3rd Sep 2014
£8 for a Frozen wall sticker - delivery included - KGB Deals
Lovely sticker for the bedroom! Great for frozen fans! Looks to be a brilliant size too!

£2.99 ebay from china

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Two tickets to Ripley's Believe It or Not! £17.22 @ KGB deals
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Posted 25th Jul 2014Posted 25th Jul 2014
Two tickets to Ripley's Believe It or Not! £17.22 @ KGB deals
Use code 'clearance25' to get reduced price. Must redeem voucher online by 31th July but can visits till 31th Dec 2014 Quidco: 8%

yes advanced booking is required


Does anyone know if the tickets needs to be booked for a certain day in advance?




I'm not familiar with this - is this like a museum for strange and weird things?


Thanks! Heat added

3-course Sunday lunch or dinner with a glass of wine for 2 at Netley Hall, £12.50 at KGB Deals
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Posted 22nd Jul 2014Posted 22nd Jul 2014
3-course Sunday lunch or dinner with a glass of wine for 2 at Netley Hall, £12.50 at KGB Deals
I know this will only benefit a certain number of people but seems like a great deal for 2 people, only £6.25 per head including wine! They also have a deal for 4 people for £24. … Read more
£15 for a dental exam with polish & 2 x-rays @ kgbdeals
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Posted 6th May 2014Posted 6th May 2014
£15 for a dental exam with polish & 2 x-rays @ kgbdeals
£15 Treat your chompers to a treatment that won't leave a cavity in your wallet with this deal for a dental exam, polish and two X-rays from Vidadent for just £15! … Read more

It depends on the periodontal scores and the amounts of hardened plaque/calculous, usually for small deposits of hardened plaque on for example the lower incisors which is a common occurrence, the dentist will usually take the small deposits off which would be covered by the band 1 NHS dental charge, if a patient has a mouth filled with hardened plaque coupled with a an all around perio score of 2 or more then they usually are referred to the Dental hygienist for a deep scaling and cleaning or the dentist may carry out the cleaning themselves on a NHS band 2 charge which is currently £50.50 which would include the £18.50 check-up free. The polish is classed as a cosmetic treatment by the NHS, occasionally the dentist may reward patients with excellent oral hygiene with a tooth polishing with the check-up if no scaling is required but a few stains are present. hopefully this info helps.


How does it work though...will you have to first pay your dentist to get your teeth examined and only if he/she recommends it, then you will have to pay again to get scale and polish for £18.50?


good price, 3.50 cheaper than NHS


The deal says polish, not scale and polish. You only get a good clean from a scaling


There's clue in the post .... 'your friendly dentist will examine your teeth ...

32GB USB flash drive - shipping included £8 @ KGB
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Posted 24th Apr 2014Posted 24th Apr 2014
32GB USB flash drive - shipping included £8 @ KGB
32GB USB Flash Drive We are living in the digital age, where it is imperative to stay connected at all times. Keep all of your most important digital files close at hand with this … Read more

I can't believe people are still falling for fake capacity pen drives!


mmmm Think I'd rather get a lexar from ebuyer to be safe


Were £8.71 on Amazon this am but feedback is poor. I have several of these in 8gb they seem OK but i don't use them heavily so can't comment on reliability and yes they are quite slow when storing larger files etc. Oops thought these were Kingston Data travellers, obviously not. Defo wouldn't risk buying these at all....


6,227 sold And may be cheaper else were

KGB deals. 32GB USB flash drive - shipping included
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Posted 11th Apr 2014Posted 11th Apr 2014
KGB deals. 32GB USB flash drive - shipping included
£8 for a 32GB USB flash drive - shipping included. Do not know know if its any good.

The "cheap" 64GB flash drives that are actually 4GB...


most things are made in china


They look exactly like the cheap 64GB drives from China. Id avoid.




Had a few deals off them, always been ok.

KGB Deals - £8 for a 32GB USB flash drive - shipping included/TCB 10.5%
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Posted 26th Mar 2014Posted 26th Mar 2014
KGB Deals - £8 for a 32GB USB flash drive - shipping included/TCB 10.5%
We are living in the digital age, where it is imperative to stay connected at all times. Keep all of your most important digital files close at hand with this incredible deal for a… Read more

ok thanks for the heads up


For this reason along they get cold for whatever price :/


Also speeds are dog awful, was getting around 3Mb/s write and 5Mb/s read.


Same reason others of this type have gone cold. These unbranded drives are so unreliable. I have had 3 separate drives that look identical to these all failed for various reasons in less than a month. A couple of quid more on a reputable branded drive will save you a load of hassle.



£8 for a Foldable 32GB USB Flash Drive - Shipping Included KGB DEALS with code 'lucky17' = £6.64
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Posted 17th Mar 2014Posted 17th Mar 2014
£8 for a Foldable 32GB USB Flash Drive - Shipping Included KGB DEALS with code 'lucky17' = £6.64
KGB Deals are having a St Patrick's Day sale. With code 'lucky17' applied at the checkout, this flashdrive is £6.64. Must be worth a punt!! We are living in the digital age, wher… Read more

I have used a couple of identical looking unbranded 8gb sticks. They were TERRIBLE. 3 out of 3 failed very quickly. Either became unrecognized or needed formatting. Sorry OP, but I would avoid wasting money on these and shed a few quid more for amazon if not for their


Groupon was easily before KGB but they have been around a good few years. Not arguing on the unbranded issue, some of them are dire. Not had any issues with KGB in the past but at the end of the day, it depends on who's supplying them in the background. They do look pretty generic like "MyMemory" or "7dayshop" own brands so you'll not know if they're fake until you test them with H2Test. They certainly wont be fast. I agree on the spending pounds more and get decent ones from MyMemory but at the same time, you cant say they're fake unless you've tested one.


Have they been around any longer than Groupon? I got a fake drive from them. I would not trust any of those type of suppliers for some unbranded goods. May as well pay a couple of quid more and get a branded drive from Amazon or similar.


Stick these to your computer and now Putin knows everything about you. :)


KGB Deals has been around for a very long time. I wouldn't think they'd be selling fakes (not intentionally anyway).

32GB folding USB stick from KGB deal - £5! Plus £5.99 postage @ KGB Deals
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Posted 28th Feb 2014Posted 28th Feb 2014
32GB folding USB stick from KGB deal - £5! Plus £5.99 postage @ KGB Deals
Large 32GB storage with folding mechanism for easy portability Postage and packaging is not included and costs £5.99 per kgbdeal purchased Orders placed 26th February - 4th March … Read more

Sorry op, not a bad price but shipping extortionate and unlikely to be genuine


Call the cops this is COLD!!!!


The last time these were posted they turned out to be fakes.


Per deal means per stick, making it £10.99 each (I checked to be sure: quantity: 3 deal price: £5.00 shipping & handling: £17.97 total price: £32.97) It is easy to find cheaper branded ones like which is £10.76 with free delivery and 5 years warranty.


Can't find any web presence for such a company, only something similar in the USA that supply firearms. And for that reason, I am out.

Buy an Acre of Moon Land for £10 @ KGB Deals
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Posted 19th Feb 2014Posted 19th Feb 2014
Buy an Acre of Moon Land for £10 @ KGB Deals
I know its kinda stupid but its a fun gift to give to family and friends. Mars and Venus Land also available
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Why don't u just put £10 down the toilet and flush it away same thing


I wouldnt go for this, I know a friend who did and he was living next door to spacers :P


These treaties do not refer to "ownership" as such, they more commonly refer to the "exploitation of the Moon and other celestial bodies for profit purposes", and extraterrestrial property sales distinctly fall under that section. The treaties are, The Outer Space Treaty of 1967 and the Moon Treaty of 1984. The Outer Space Treaty of 1967 explicitly forbids any government from claiming a celestial resource such as the Moon or a planet. What does this mean? Well it means that governments can not appropriate the Moon or other celestial bodies. Effectively, governments have signed to the fact that they have no rights to these bodies at all. What is actually important here is what the Outer Space Treaty does not say. It explicitly does not say whether commercial enterprises or private individuals can claim, exploit or appropriate the celestial bodies for profit. (Note that the Lunar Embassy is not a government body.) The United Nations and all countries that signed the Outer Space Treaty became aware of this vital omission almost immediately after the treaty was ratified in 1967. In fact, the United Nations have expended a large amount of time trying to ratify an amendment to the treaty ever since, that would explicitly include corporations and individuals. All attempts at ratifying such an amendment failed because member states did not agree with it. So, in the end, all the ratification attempts were summarized into the famous Moon Treaty some 15 years later. This information is a well documented fact today. 2. What is the Moon Treaty and why is it not law? The Moon Treaty, had it been ratified, would have forbidden the exploitation of Space, the Moon and other celestial bodies for profit motives. According to the Moon treaty, individuals may not claim the Moon and other celestial bodies. But, of all the 185 or so member states of the UN only six states supported it. All others, including all space faring nations (USA, UK, Russia, China etc) refused to sign it. This is something that does not seem to be well known. The USA explicitly refused to sign it as it would inhibit the exploitation of Lunar and other celestial resources for profit by corporations and individuals. We feel that the non ratification of the Moon Treaty is a good thing. If it had been ratified and oil was found on the Moon; any company would by law be prohibited from mining it. Surely, that is not in the public's interest. (and if you find it on your property... well could be very rich!) Here is what an historical website has to say about it: "The Agreement Governing the Activities of States on the Moon and Other Celestial Bodies is the infamous "Moon Treaty". It was killed by a handful of L5 Society activists who were the first to see that it would outlaw property rights in the rest of the universe and indefinitely bog down space settlement in a "common heritage of all mankind" morass. When as a result of the L5 Society efforts the US congress failed to ratify the treaty, the USSR also breathed a sigh of relief. They likewise did not ratify. The soviets were so surprised at the impact of this relatively unknown organisation that they sent very obvious KGB members to chapter meetings in New York City to find out who they were. The Soviet Embassy in Washington DC subscribed to the L5 News for years afterwards." The USA at the time said that they would prefer to see "How public opinion develops". Well it has. Many people on planet Earth, from all walks of life love owning a property on the Moon or a property on another celestial body such as Mars. Many people also like to name stars, and this falls into the same category. However, there is only one body that has the authority to name stars/craters/stellar objects etc. and this is the IAU (The International Astronomical Union), and the many companies that claim they will name a star for you do name it, but this name is not officially recognized. So yes, in regard to naming stellar objects, the planet is pretty organised, however with regard to extraterrestrial property rights, it is a different matter. 3. What laws actually exist on the Moon, Mars or any other planets? On the Moon itself or on any other planets apart from Earth, apart from the laws of the HEAD CHEESE, currently no law exists. If we settle on the Moon and Mars for example, such laws must be established to ensure people's rights. Again, that can not be done unless ownership rights are addressed and settled. That is where all our customers and the Lunar Embassy have made a start at forming public opinion. Others have suggested that it would be a good idea, when extraterrestrial claim laws are established, that they should be linked to the proximity of the individual to the property in question. That means if you have the money to go there, you can have it. The Lunar Embassy think this is not a good idea, because it would give precedence to corporations and financially capable organisations to file and receive an extraterrestrial property, because they can afford to go there. The normal member of the public would therefore loose out on any claims if such a suggestion were followed, because it is much more difficult for us mortals, physically and financially, to reach the Moon or the other eight planets. It has therefore become an objective of the Lunar Embassy, if and when such laws are established, to help to protect the right of the general public to be allowed to claim and use these extraterrestrial resources, regardless of whether you are in proximity of the property or not. 4. Can I charge NASA if they land on my property? No you can't. No celestial body is owned by NASA and they have never claimed them. Further, the Outer Space Treaty of 1967, which is law, clearly states that the Moon and the other celestial bodies are the heritage of all mankind for the purposes of exploration. So NASA can do what they like and where they like, as long as they are exploring. But if someone wants to build a house or drill for minerals or water on your property, that is quite a different issue altogether. The Lunar Embassy and has never and will never sell a past or planned NASA landing site on any celestial body. 5. What guarantee do I have that you won't sell the same property twice? This is a question that the Lunar Embassy, from whom we have purchased the land, are often asked. No property is sold twice. The land has been carefully mapped out and a database is held of all property registrations. 6. What if someone else tries to sell me land on the Moon? Should anyone else claim to be selling Celestial Property in the United Kingdom, they are doing so in an unlawful manner and Ltd would like to be informed of such so that legal action can be taken. 7. So what about the future? What guarantees are there? Will new laws be established? Well, so far, we are not aware of anyone trying to make them, nor are we aware of anyone who has the jurisdiction to make them. What the future brings, we do not know...In short, there are no guarantees (except our 30 day money back guarantee of course). No one can see into the future. 8. And the most important point? In all of that, let's not miss the most important point of all....and it specifically applies to the Moon: What is the Moon to us? The Moon is a symbol of hope, romance, achievement and change, all rolled into one. There is nothing more symbolic and romantic on Earth one can give to a loved one. It is not a fad we can toy with, it is not something that will ever lose its appeal. When you buy your property on the Moon or any other planet, please enjoy it, because that is what this really is all about. You can look into the night sky and say 'I own a piece of that!' man i am gonna start a rip off business like this its amazing..i can say..ok buy your very own alien,or buy your own galaxy..sun...moon and whatever else...just so i can turn a profit.and better still i am legally ripping you off. scummy b'tards


mailed them this hi would like to know if you guys actually have proof that you own the moon land your selling? please tell me please cause as far as i know...the moon is not owned by how can legally sell one acre of land on a planet you don't own.please send explanation please. regards jimbo76 i hope they answer this lol


Don't fancy spending £50 for UrAnus. ;-)

32GB Micro SD card and adapter £12.99 (KGB DEALS)
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Posted 18th Feb 2014Posted 18th Feb 2014
32GB Micro SD card and adapter £12.99 (KGB DEALS)
One 32GB Micro SD card and adapter from Ministry of Deals Uses USB 2.0 for fast transfer - compatible with PC, digital cameras, mobile smartphones or other Micro SD devices! Postag… Read more

On ebay


You can get for £5.99


Anyone heard of the make 'Datalife Micro' sd cards ,cant find anything about the brand so think i'll give it a miss in case its a nasty chineese make .We recently bought a bedding deal from KGB was supposed to be a bargain reduced from £39 to £12 ,load of old polyster rubbish and cheaper on Amazon we found out later .Also the returns policy was a joke ,restocking fees ,postage etc !! Just found out that Verbatim do the Datalife brand for their recordable media ,but their sd cards look nothing like this they have the verbatim logo printed on their cards , Fakes?


they shouldnt have a class 6 card in the image.


Checked it out and it is class 4 ratng

Dual shock 3 controller from KGB deals £14 for one or £24 for two (+£2.99 delivery) @ KGB deals from
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Posted 17th Feb 2014Posted 17th Feb 2014
Dual shock 3 controller from KGB deals £14 for one or £24 for two (+£2.99 delivery) @ KGB deals from
looks like a real bargain to me these seem to be £30 elsewhere Only 54 remaining so get moving •One Sony PS3 Wire Free Dual Shock Controller from XLBS •Equipped with SIXAXIS™ m… Read more

These are not sony had mine delivered today I want full refund from them they are cheap make from china no sony written any where well disappointed


This deal should have ice hanging off it . Nobody buy these controllers they are fake which is easy to see from description of them . No offence to deal poster but just not a good deal and most things never are with kgb


Guaranteed 3rd party product. Will be pants.




Amazon - Sony PlayStation DualShock 3 Controller This tripe - Sony PS3 Wire Free Dual Shock Controller Even the wording (space between Dual Shock) just screams it out. Wire free? Wireless.

£79 for 2 nights B&B at Ramada haydock, Plus Dinner 1st night, all for 2 people!  @KGB Deals
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Posted 8th Feb 2014Posted 8th Feb 2014
£79 for 2 nights B&B at Ramada haydock, Plus Dinner 1st night, all for 2 people! @KGB Deals
For less than £40 each, 2 of you can escape for 2 nights and be fed aswell!! Just get a chippy tea on the second night.. It's cheaper than staying at home!

Why on earth is this cold? Put your money where your mouth is and tell us where it is cheaper or butt out!


I think this is really good and can not understand why its gone so cold


Instead of a chippy tea on night two, the Lymewood Farm (restaurant) is next door. Quite nice in there. The only bad thing about the hotel is it backs into the East Lancashire Road (a busy dual carriage way linking Liverpool & Manchester).


Have you been to haydock before?


What kind of chippy do you go to? :O

Decorative lord or lady titles £15.. Good novelty gift idea :) @ KGB Deals
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Posted 10th Jan 2014Posted 10th Jan 2014
Decorative lord or lady titles £15.. Good novelty gift idea :) @ KGB Deals
Seen this for my friend who always calls herself "a lady " Now she really is !! Obviously not for everyone but a bit of fun and a small bit of land too

Can't please everyone I guess


Every now and again these appear. Sites like KGB and Groupon really should know better. Exceptionally cold.

Six-piece Swiss Line ceramic knife set (Seleccion de Producto) £12.00 with 4.99 P&P = £16.99 @ KGBDeals
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Posted 6th Jan 2014Posted 6th Jan 2014
Six-piece Swiss Line ceramic knife set (Seleccion de Producto) £12.00 with 4.99 P&P = £16.99 @ KGBDeals
Who & where Seleccion de Producto mechant link Need to know One six-piece Swiss Line ceramic knife set from Seleccion de Producto Includes a chef's knife, bread knife, carv… Read more
Get deal*Get deal*

These knifes are rubbish My advise is Please don't waste ur money.


Deal was also on group on. Available cheaper on line. And poor quality! Stick to victorianox knives. Far better. Although about £30+ per knife. Will last a lifetime