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Khanum Butter Ghee 500ml for £1.69 instore at Tesco (Ealing, London)

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Found it at Tesco Ealing.


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    What is it?
    clarified butter as used in the best curries and asian sweets
    great price
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    Try not to have too much of this
    ok thanks doctor sahab
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    Thanks for spreading the word

    If we got rid of all the margarine and spreads, the world would be a butter place. (edited)
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    Ghee is great, it’s clarified butter, all the crap taken out…high in Omega 3 & 9. Check out Ayurvedic goodness.
    No.. Only grass fed cows
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    Anyone seen any in any other store?
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    This ghee is trash. check the ingredients. make your own 🙏🏽
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    surely a misprice?!
    I bought it for £1.69. I even asked the Tesco colleague and he confirmed the price is correct.
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    Which Tesco in Ealing?
    Tesco Express in Ealing Broadway
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    Amazing deal
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    Bargain, heat added 👌
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    This brand of ghee is suppose to be th best out of all of them sold here in uk hard to find it in many shops depends on tge area still
    The best ? I have a family member who works in the factory and the machines/nozzles are not cleaned on a regular basis. If using ghee organic is the best
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    wow, I'll be checking my local first thing, what a bargain!
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    Great for making space cakes
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    Cheers OP, managed to grab some from my local this morning!
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    Like a lovely thick spread of this on my toast in the morning.
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    Is this ghee made in the UK? Or is it imported from Pakistan? If it's from Pakistan, and genuine, this will be a very good ghee.
    It's UK, it's very hard to get proper desi ghee from Punjab in UK unless you make it yourself
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    It looks like this brand has 2 types of ghee. One is Butter Ghee (in this deal) and other one is 'Pure' Butter Ghee. The main difference seems to be the addition of flavouring in this one while the Pure version doesnt have the Ethyl Butyrate.

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    This is great deal, but none available near me 😔
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    Good for a fried egg too.
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    Has anyone managed to find this anywhere else
    no, even the 2 stores showing stock near me didnt have any