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Kia Ceed Hatchback 1.0 GDI ISG 5dr - £18,115 @ Nationwidecars

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The Cheap Kia Ceed Hatchback 1.0T GDi ISG 2 5dr sports a number of great features and technical specs.

This includes a fuel economy of MPG combined and g/km CO2 emissions from the cylinder, 998 CC engine with a 6 speed gear box. This produces 118 BHP with a top speed of 118 MPH and a 0 to 62 time of 11.2 seconds. The car fits into insurance group 8E.

*Price includes:

Options (£0), Road Fund License (£180), First Reg Fee (£55.00)
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    We have this car, it has some good qualities however is very underpowered. Have to change gear often even on the motorway so I'd advise a test drive before considering.
    When I was 18 I drove a VW polo with 59hp, 0-60 was over 16 seconds. Yes, it was slow as hell but even with people in the car I never found it to be underpowered to the point that it was concerning, as long as you use the gears correctly it was never a problem. I don't see how 118hp could be underpowered for an everyday hatchback.
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    I had the 2020 estate version of this on a 1+23 lease at £200/month. Those were the days!

    I agree the acceleration is weak though personally found it adequate for sensible family car driving, once on the motorway and up to speed it was fine. Economical and zero issues in two years/18k miles. (edited)
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    Just out of interest, what's HUKDers preferred modern method of financing a car? I've not bought in a decade and my Volvo is showing its age now (and costing me more to maintain than the value I'm getting from it) so these kinds of deals are starting to look tempting but I've not got £20k I can drop in one hit on a car.
    Dealers also offer incentives on car finance, taking dealership finance and paying it off immediately with a bank loan could knock off 1-2k off the price.
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    It's interesting to look at leases as often it's surprising that higher spec cars can work out cheaper eg the 1.5 on a 2 year deal is £14pm cheaper than the 1.0 at lease loco leaseloco.com/car…fig
    I found this was true for me also two cars back. Plumped for an otherwise unattainable model because it was cheaper on PCP than a lower tier one. This was down to the residual value being much better due to the standard kit on offer on the higher model.
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    998 cc engine is too small, not sure if it'll drive up a hill smoothly
    Look at BHP and Torque - not engine capacity.
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    Op, I think this is GDi, not GTI
    Whoops thanks
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    I think that the 1.0 engine like this is currently not available in the UK for new Ceed's, only the 1.5 which is much more expensive
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    Seriously underpowered 118bhp but only 127 lb ft torque. It’s the latter that’s important as you’ll have poor overtaking capability and joining busy motorways won’t be fun in a loaded car.

    Rather have more bhp and torque. Don’t understand this obsession with underpowered small engines cars. (edited)
    They're more fuel efficient and fine for most people
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    For reference, year old models are currently selling for £15k-£16k at dealers, so approx £12.5k-£14.5k resale.
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    Having just sold a Hyundai i30 that has the same engine and having done over 50k miles in 4 years it will be fine as long as you don't expect hot hatch performance. MPG was 49.8 and no issues with it.
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    "Because I'm not Mat Watson, and you're not watching Carwow"
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    This isn't going to pull the skin off a rice pudding
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    The base model wouldn't be for me, but this is a family size car with a 7 year warranty for supermini money. Good deal.
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    The ‘cheap ‘ Kia at £18k for a base model and an under powered engine . No wonder we have 10% inflation
    a free "underrated" comment with no context - No wonder we have 10% inflation
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    I only came for the 'underpowered' comments
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    Will tell you 6 months for delivery and end up ignoring your calls and then tell you 8-12 months. Leading people on from the get go
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    I run Ceed estates (sw) for work, currently have 9, all 2019/2020 plate 1.6crdi auto's with very few issues.

    One bit of advice I'd give is do not stray over the mileage recommendation for servicing, KIA allow zero tolerance, regardless of when the service was done v the engine fault occurred.