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Posted 11 September 2022

Kia Oval Test Match Cricket - Day 5 - Tickets are free (online and in person) via Kia

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Surrey County Cricket Club can confirm that tickets for Day Five of the Test Match tomorrow between England and South Africa will now be free to all fans.

It had previously been announced that tickets would be £20 for adults and £1 for children, with proceeds being split evenly across four charities, but the lack of play remaining has led Surrey CCC to decide that it wouldn’t be fair to charge those sums.

England are 97 without loss and require just 33 wins to win.

All tickets bought already will be refunded, but fans can opt to donate that ticket money to charity by completing the form here.

Surrey CCC can also confirm the club will make a donation to each of Chance to Shine, the Lambeth Food Bank Trust, the Alzheimer’s Society and the Surrey Cricket Foundation.

Tickets for tomorrow will be available at the gate as well as online here.
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  1. Avatar
    I've tried to do this for two previous tests and both times been unable to get tickets - then seen loads of empty seats the next day on the TV. Not sure what's going on there.
    People book the seats because they are free and they're frightened they'll miss out and then they don't bother to turn up. Really selfish but not surprising sadly.
  2. Avatar
    Was there yesterday. Train home today so can't make it. Test cricket shoots itself in the foot again.
    And how exactly has it shot itself in the foot this time/previously ?
  3. Avatar
    If I was around the corner I might have dropped by, but it's really not worth a 2hr round trip for less than half an hour of play.
  4. Avatar
    They need 33 runs to win. Given their run rate, it would take less than 33 minutes for them to do it
  5. Avatar
    England need 33 runs to win. Ok if you've got nothing better to do and are local but even then I wouldn't bother
  6. Avatar
    Beggars belief - I had a post deleted that said this will be over quickly given the runs needed - as a cricket fan I make the comment the journey is not worth it given it will be over in minutes - off topic?? seems not to me
  7. Avatar
    All it took was 5 overs and a few balls to wrap it up - whilst m super chuffed that England won - but man what a sorry state of affairs to see a test end in 2 days and 5 overs !
  8. Avatar
    Nice free offer but England will chase this down in half hour. The game will start at 11am and finish by 11:30am.
  9. Avatar
    It will be like watching first half of a football match.
    Second half?
  10. Avatar
    Thanks OP. As soon as I saw your post, I bought the ticket online. I'm in Oval right now.
  11. Avatar
    I'm currently travelling to the ground, but I hear the match is over?