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Free Google Cardboard @ Kia
Found 4th May 2017Found 4th May 2017
Kia are giving away a free Google Cardboard to celebrate the release of a new car. To get your free viewer: Click on the VR button below the picture of the car Click on I would l… Read more

"Every chip I eat will strengthen my hand in the negotiations with Brussels. If you see anyone else eating a chip, they are undermining their country’s future. Only I get to eat chips. No one else. And don’t forget, in Brussels, they put mayonnaise on these, the sick, disgusting perverts." "See this gob. It doesn’t just mouth the words strong and stable leadership over and over and over again. No it doesn’t. It’s going to bloody eat you. That’s what’s happening here."


Sorry to be "that person" but FAQ says they will only ship to US! This had heat all over it if not. I blame the bureaucrats in Brussels for this mess


Will you actually receive one though as the link takes you to the US site not the UK one, uk site doesn't list the free cardboard.


US only?

Brand New Kia Cee'd 5 door, 7 year warranty, £11497! @ Kia - DUNFERMLINE
Found 23rd Jan 2017Found 23rd Jan 2017
Kia Cee'd hatchback mid size family car, SR-7 spec 1.4 petrol so no need to worry about problems of a modern diesel 7 year warranty lots of spec including air con and Brand New… Read more

When did I ever say one couldn't cancel a financial agreement? Read what I wrote. I wrote that you wouldn't be able to cancel a financial agreement in order to take advantage of incentives. That is deception whether you accept that or not. Now we cross into fraud. Excellent! That's how business works. They will give you the 'incentive' of a discount, masked by a higher interest rate. Why would they give you the discount rate as a cash price? It's the same when they offer you a price for your part-exchange. I don't take finance on anything. If I can't afford to have it, I don't have it. I'm not vain. Then you don't understand the law. Shops don't have to sell anything to you if they don't want to, regardless of price. Yet deliberately misleading you is criminal. That's the difference. I hope you've learned something today. 8)


^going off your previous comments, you didn't know you could cancel a financial agreement within cooling off period without a heavy penalty. Backpedalling when you're wrong again - not your first time. Playing the system's established rules in a completely lawful way is not deception. Some friendly salepeople (not many) even suggest doing it, if getting the incentive is what it takes to clinch a sale. It seems more distasteful to dangle a financial carrot that when taken in the way they want you to will cost you 3x more than the incentive in interest, and they're charging twice the rate of a high street loan. So by your code of ethics, how long should you maintain the finance in order to sleep at night, having had the incentives? 2 months? 12 months? Full term? People here who jump on a misprice here are obviously also deceptive, and the money saving expert must be the biggest crook around for suggesting it.


Not really no. I know you have every right to cancel a financial agreement. What I was referring to was that you are intentionally taking out finance, in order to cancel it, in order to obtain the dealer contribution offered. That is definitely deception - whether you want to wash it as you being smart or abusing the system.


Buying this car is irrelevant - I wouldn't touch this car with a barge pole as the household's primary car, I like hot hatches. I only buy new on cars I want, if their residuals are so good the price they charge for a new one under achievable discount is similar to what a nearly new one is sold for e.g. If I wanted a Ford (not RS), Renault, Vauxhall, i'd buy an 18 month old one for 1/2 RRP. If I wanted a hot hatch VW Golf/Audi A3 i'd buy new for 12-15% discount rather than a year old one for 80% of RRP. You have every right to cancel a finance agreement within 14 days (it is enshrined in consumer law) - you would still have to pay for the car by other means, cancelling the finance doesn't allow you to just hand the car back within 14 days and say you changed your mind. It is not deception to do this. When you cancel your finance, they work out interest based on the time you took the loan out to the time you requested cancellation and a settlement figure. If you collect the car on finance on Tuesday and request a cancellation on Wednesday on a £12k car that has a £1k manufacturer/dealer deposit contribution (effectively making it £11k finance balance) and it has a 6% APR rate attached to the finance, you pay 1 day's interest at the 6% rate on the balance, which would be somewhere in the region of £1.81. They cannot charge you anything other than interest accrued when you cancel within the cooling off period. Plenty of people do this (who either have the cash to buy the car outright or have a cheaper loan waiting in the wings), it is perfectly legal to do so, and not dishonest. Car salespeople don't like you doing this as they won't get their kickback from the finance agreement if you do it. The car finance companies know the risk of the consumer doing this and know they have every right to do it, but hope you won't. Car companies can make more money from the finance than the car itself, and when 1/3 of the monthly PCP cost can be interest, isn't that a bit much? If you go to settle finance outside the 14 day finance cooling off period, there will be early settlement penalties - usually 2 months penalty interest and perhaps a small (£50-100) agreement closure "option to buy" fee. You would still keep the incentives though. My Golf R didn't come with incentives when I bought it, so no need to go through finance, but if I were buying again now with £2k deposit contribution, i'd do it and pay off outright the next day. I hope you've learned something today.


No stock.

Kia Picanto 1 Air £6795 at Wessex Kia, Gloucester.
Found 16th Sep 2016Found 16th Sep 2016
My first car!! And my first post, so be kind. Apparently this is a runout model as the specs have been refreshed for 2016. New 5 door car with aircon and long warranty. Metallic pa… Read more
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No,there are no better cars out there at this price point.


Any suggestions as to these better cars ?


What are you not an expert in.


It's an excellent first car you're very lucky we'll done. PS don't listen to the VanityWagon sceptics.


Could that be a pre-registered one? Might be good to point out that Kia's still come with a 7 year warranty. 7 Years of trouble-free driving.

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Kia ceed used approved 3yr £8000 finance at 0%
Found 11th Dec 2014Found 11th Dec 2014
Not really sure this is a deal, but sounds like a good offer to me so thought I'd share All used approved Kia ceed range inc pro ceed & sportswagon, are offering £8k 0% financ… Read more

runs til end of march


Sorry. Found It =)


Hi, where did you find this offer. Looking all over the website and cant find anything about it?


Heat op. Good deal x

Thats just the example, click on the find a car link, filter on approved used, and there are 3 just under 11k, so only a 3k deposit I appreciate the deal isn't for everyone, but not a bad finance deal for anybody looking for a nearly new ceed

Kia Picanto VR7 1.0 5 door - £8995 (possibly £400 less)
Found 4th Feb 2014Found 4th Feb 2014
Okay, reasons why you wouldn't buy this car... It's ugly. It's got a weedy engine. It's only got 3 cylinders. It's a granny car. It's not a Beemer. It's not even a 5 year old Beem… Read more
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I know this is a dead post but I thought I'd do a quickie update just in case anyone thinking of buying a Picanto stumbles on this... Okay, so the car is now 18 months old and has covered just over 10,000 miles. Average fuel economy over that time has been 55.9 mpg (according to the trip computer it's 59.1 mpg but that's too optimistic and doesn't tally with what actually goes in the tank). Nothing has gone wrong with the car. The 1 year service was done without fuss and effectively cost me £33.33 under the three services for £100 deal. Kia didn't try and stiff me for 'extras' like changing the pollen filter which was good. Fully comprehensive insurance for the Picanto is costing me £140 a year (from M&S) and UK recovery and breakdown about £22 (from Start Rescue). There's currently no road tax to pay. So excluding depreciation, the car is costing me roughly 11.5p/mile which is pretty good. Yes the car's looks are a bit strange and yes it really doesn't like going up hills but 97% of the time is sits on the drive doing nothing so who cares? Overall I'm pleased I opted for the Picanto and am glad I ignored the car magazine reviews which frankly talk a lot of drivel. I've come to the conclusion that Kia are the 'new Toyota' in that they offer sensible cars at sensible prices to sensible customers. So that's a thumbs up from me then!


This post is dead but just in case anyone's interested, after 1,500 miles my Picanto's averaging 57.5 mpg. Not great but not bad either...


Thats the one but it is only that on the Skoda website. It is £8995 everywhere if you actually look or use the search function on here. It is a dam sight better engine than the 1.0 in this. Comes with a full 3 year warranty, 3 year breakdown. The servicing package is included with the finance and works out better than a personal loan depending how much you need. You will also find that if you have a good credit score you will get the APR much lower (got 5.3% last year on a VRS with the servicing deal and then paid off the finance after a week and still get the servicing.) so would hardly say exorbitant. You also fail to mention the breakdown cover and much more limited warranty in the OP?


Is this the same Fabia Reaction which is advertised at £9,690 on-the-road (so higher price), costs £105 a year in road tax, has worse fuel efficiency from an ancient VW engine, comes with a limited 3 year warranty and only qualifies for free 3 year servicing if you take out the exorbitant 7.9% APR finance deal??


Can get a fabia reaction for the same price. Larger car, bigger engine, higher residuals. Better value for money.

Kia Picanto 2 in Breeze Blue - inc 7 year warranty - £8472 (collect from York) or £8570 (delivery to your home)
Found 15th Sep 2013Found 15th Sep 2013
Hello all This deal is the price we have paid for my grans new Kia Picanto 2. This is significantly cheaper than anyone else I can find (even drivethedeal) and will deliver direc… Read more
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What am I wrong about? How does auto door locking hinder your life? To the majority of drivers it's a benefit and a simple but effective safety feature.


You are determined to have the last word even though you are so wrong, so you can have it.


Auto door locking would be even more important living in Spain. Even if you do lock your doors every time you pull away, having it as an auto feature removes the minor chance of you one day forgetting. It's a none issue, much the same as the fridge light turning off when you close the door, yes you could use a torch but why would anyone.


Why the hell would I want auto lock doors if I do it myself before moving off Dummy they are already locked or can't you grasp that. And TBF I have nothing against Kia cars except their rise towards the Ford Vauxhall prices. As for Dacia nearly every person I pick up from the airport or take there comments on the comfort and the quality for the price and most people have seen the adverts on the telly and expect Lada quality and can't believe the price I paid. £12,000 for a car as big in volume as an Octavia Estate and pulls like a 1.9 diesel even though it is only a 1.5 diesel with 80BHP, and I do know because I used to own an Octavia 1.9 Estate.


Still doesn't explain why you wouldn't auto locking doors, guess you're just nick-picking at the car. TBF I probably would too if I drove a Dacia. ;)

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Kia Rio scrappage scheme £5,665 petrol £6,680 diesel
Found 16th Jan 2010Found 16th Jan 2010
1.4 petrol or 1.5 diesel Much nicer looking,much larger and faster than a Picanto for only £1000 more. If you do high mileage the extra £1000 for the diesel might well pay for i… Read more
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You're making me jealous! I've noticed a few on the roads now and they look pretty good, cant wait. Hoping to get mine on Friday! Few weeks quicker than expected. Keep me posted on what sort of mpg you do and any tips you might have. Hopefully wont have to compare faults!


Got my White Diesel 1.5 CDRI ! Love it - new styling which looks alot better - goes some and seems fairly good quality.


Went for the black did you - I was too tight to pay for paint! I was at the top of my budget though and as there were really boring colours for extra's (black and silver I think), went for the standard white. I know white cars are difficult to keep clean - but in my experience black is similiar and every other car is silver now. Think you might have got ripped of with the administration pack fee - I never got charged that - what did you get for that? Managed to get free mats and tank of diesel - I didn't think there was much else to bargain for with scrappage. The Permashine sounds like an expensive add-on - the paint comes with its own warranty, why do you need more? Wax it and it stays shiny for longer! Or our petrol station if you spend over £30, you get a free carwash.


Only thing to add is has anyone got any experience of a coating called Permashine. Being offered for £300 on top, meant to provide additional protection to paintwork and scotchguard the interior - with a 5 year guarantee. I usually wouldn't go for add-ons but am curious if this means I can go for longer without washing it ;) Haven't taken them up on it yet.


Gone for a Black Strike diesel, costing £8232 (7700 + 383 for the colour + there was an administration pack fee of 149 which was annoying, get a full tank in return - small consolation I know) Looking at a 12 week delay for '10 plate, which I don't mind too much, just means my fuel is costing twice as much as it will if I had it now. Going to be downsizing from a 2.4 Petrol auto costing £400 a year in tax (not the car being scrapped, will sell in April), so should be quids in in 4-5 years I reckon.

Kia picanto now has 7 year warranty Scrappage Scheme price £4,635
Found 13th Jan 2010Found 13th Jan 2010
All new kias registered after 1st January 2010 now have the 7 year warranty! £35 Year road tax! :-) Kia is the worlds 4th largest carmaker!!
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alilel :) Unfortunately for you, it's a trade in rather than a scrappage scheme so includes the clause "the trade in vehicle must also be in good general condition, free of any major mechanical faults and bodywork damage, and its actual mileage must not have exceeded 100,000 miles" in the T&Cs.


hmm, i thought i read (on their site) it was extended to vehicles newer than 10yrs but now i look again i cant see it, me == muppet


Not sure about Kia, but Nissan offer scrappage deals on 8-10 year old cars for all their British built models. Can I ask how Hyundai are offering the scheme on cars less than 10 years old as I couldn't find anything? BTW, my car that was registered Sept 2000 has gone kaput so that's why I'm interested.:-(


thanks James but I meant are they planning to accept cars that are not quite eligible for scrappage (i.e. 9 yr old cars) like Toyota and others presently are offering...


Kia are now accepting Picantos over 12 months old as scrappage

Kia Picanto only £4,195 On The Road!! Brand New!!
Found 24th Apr 2009Found 24th Apr 2009
Buy a brand new Kia car from just £4,195 OTR** You can, thanks to the Government Scrappage incentive scheme! If your car is more than 10 years old and you've owned it for more th… Read more

The article makes a few good points however some people DO go to a dealership for their brand new car. This means that this comment from the article isn't entirely valid: Some people would actually rather buy from a dealership because if there are problems they can go straight back to them. This is the exact reason that some people go to Currys or Comet to buy a new washing machine rather than get the cheapest deal online. Again, this comment from the article is not valid for those that already buy from their local dealership. So, for the type of person who always buys from their dealer then this may not be a bad deal. Don't forget that a dealer isn't going to offer much for a trade in on a 10+ year old either. Having said that, how many people trade in a 10+ year old car for a brand new one? Not many! I'd have thought that most either trade in their 3 year old car when the finance has finished or they buy 2nd hand cars. It's a good deal for those who were planning on trading their 10+ year old in for a small and cheap car. Hopefully the government will think about the comments raised in the article and extend the scheme to all new cars.


Good article thanks. I think the offer from the government is rubbish and more smoke and mirrors. Personally I have a ten year old toyota family car and the deal is no good for me. A like for like replacement is going to need me to find 14 big ones - NO CHANCE However my retired parents would be ok switching a ten year old focus for one of these Kia's - 5 year warranty for £4K sounds good


I read and understood exactly what you meant with regards to this scheme. However, there are too many people who seem to think that the government are using green issues to generate additional revenue and you touched on this. I merely asked for a bit of evidence that the Government are generating more revenue with the new VED brackets. Clearly I can't prove the reasons for people choosing a certain car over another.


Please read what I said more carefully. I didn't say it had NOTHING to do with the environemnt, just that it was ALSO a convenient way of making more money out of those who drive higher Co2 emitting motors. What I was saying was that having that increase justified as an environmental tax makes no bloody sense when you consider this scheme is going to encourage those with perfectly serviceable vehicles to scrap 'em - at a high environmental cost - and buy a new car - made with an even higher environmental cost - instead of getting a few more years out of a vehicle that may be emitting slightly more polutants than a modern car but that's already paid the environmental cost of manufacture. Oh, and if you want to play that game, how about proving that people are buying cars based on saving £30 a year in tax rather than changing to vehicles that get better petrol mileage which happen to coincide with cars in a lower VED bracket?


Car-scrappage scheme will cost you money article.

3 day test drive
Found 9th Jul 2007Found 9th Jul 2007
Kia Cee'd 3 day test drive 100 will get the car for a whole year
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Why has this been marked " Expired "? it appears to be still available.


Have applied for test drive, heat added.;-)


Na will stick to driving around in my own car thanks, cant be bothered with all that sales pitch just for a KIA. sorry


Yes for insurance purposes. And No you can't if you can't provide the £250. :thumbsup: Have applied for a laugh.....will report back if it works. Heat added.


I'm a bit confused! Do they take the £250 from your card and hold it? I don't have that much in my account. Can I still do it?

Massive discounts on Kia Cars - Even get a car for free!!!!!
Found 7th Nov 2006Found 7th Nov 2006
How class? I dont know what proof they need! Calling all expecting parents. You can now take advantage of Kia's generous offer and automatically qualify for a £500 discount on a n… Read more
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What about if you had 5 kids............with different women ? Only require women who can cook, clean, are pretty, rich, succesful, confident & own a sports car. Please send picture of sports car to apply.


Hmmmmmm :x


Don't bother with photos. I'm happy to just give it a try! :-D


I wonder if adopted quins count? then put them back up for adoption once you have the car! This thread is turning into a dating thread!!!!!


That's a good deal and the comments above, I expected to see here :giggle: I don't think I'd want to be a woman expecting quins for this though lol Or the husband that gets half strangled [five times!] during giving birth :roll:

Free £20 M&S Voucher if you take a test drive of a Kia before 22nd December!
Found 26th Oct 2006Found 26th Oct 2006
Kia are giving away £20 M&S voucher for anyone who takes a test drive between now and 22nd December. Simply go to the Kia site and plug in your details. You'll be given a numb… Read more

Yeah, wish it was for a Focus or something. Seems like a lot of hassle with the form - print it, stamp it, return it...


£20 M&S Voucher do?


They'd have to pay me alot more to drive one of those!!


er....I had the missfortune to drive a (hire car)kia picanto on holiday...I'd rather walk than ever buy something so miserable......Still 20quid might be worth it, lol


They will hound the hell out of you on the phone, trust me, I worked for Grovebury Cars Ltd, give a false phone number unless you really want to buy of course!