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Striker Volumes 1-4, plus 12 week subscription to new weekly comic £99 - Kickstarter
Found 7th MayFound 7th May
Striker Volumes 1-4, plus 12 week subscription to new weekly comic £99 - Kickstarter
Get all four currently released volumes of Striker the complete collection (covers all strips from 1985-2001) that retail at £24-£25 each, plus a 12 week digital subscription to a … Read more

Still in The Sun but not owned by The Sun. Chap who makes it is hoping comic will help keep it sustainable or strip may end. Apparently comic does not need as many sales as last time released comics fair few years ago reason hopes will be a success this time - but needs kickstater to get the initial 12 weeks out there to test the waters. See:


Yeah, they have done the whole magazine thing before. Didn't even realise it was still going - then again, I guess it's in the S*n that's probably why.


Didn't they try this before? I swear I have like a few issues when they released as a seperate magazine somewhere.

XOSS SPRINT - An Exceptional Powerful Cycling Computer £117.80 (45% off RRP) @ Kickstarter
Found 29th Sep 2017Found 29th Sep 2017
XOSS SPRINT - An Exceptional Powerful Cycling Computer £117.80 (45% off RRP) @ Kickstarter
Kickstarter ended but can still be purchased through indiegogo - has better stats than Garmin and Wahoo that's on the market.

If payed by credit card and this Kickstarter flopped - would I be able to go through the credit card company for a refund


It's difficult to see what this unit does that the Wahoo Elemnt/Bolt doesn't do, except maybe a longer battery life. Given that the Wahoo's battery life is already longer than I'm ever going to cycle that's not an issue. The Elemnt Bolt is readily available, tried, tested, refined, WORKS exceptionally well and available. It's also only £200 INCLUDING VAT. Thanks but no thanks, I have a Wahoo Element and won't go back to Garmin or nor an unheard of company.


Remember that "fidget cube"? Started out as a Kickstarter and people paid somewhere around the $25 to $30 mark per unit. Within literally a couple of weeks, clone cubes were being mass produced in China and sold for as little as $4 per unit delivered - ironically from the same mouldings the Kickstarter guys had just paid R&D money for. To stick the knife in even further, if you purchased a 'clone' from China it arrived in a couple of weeks - whereas the people who paid for the Kickstarter hadn't even received their units well over a month later. Worst case: you'll lose all your Kickstarter money. Best case, you'll actually receive something - but the Chinese will already have knocked it off with a better unit for around 25% of the price you paid.


This just echoes people complaining that Apple and Samsung smartphones are too expensive compared to cheap Chinese phones when in fact you are investing/paying for the R&D. Yes, the Garmin equivalent isn’t perfect and it’s expensive but it works properly and reliably and that’s why I’d choose that over some upstart product that is still in development with many promises that may never be met and by the time it does come out something else better may be out. I’ve also been burned by too many Kickstarter projects that promise the world and are just a load of junk when/if they arrive.


All laid as clear as mud in that ... No, Kickstarter doesn't issue refunds. Transactions are between backers and creators directly. Creators receive all funds (less fees) soon after their campaign ends. So no guarantee then. But saying all that it does seem a very good value product if all functionality and price is true.

Ticwatch S & E Early Bird Order 25% off retail £92 @ Kickstarter
Found 12th Jul 2017Found 12th Jul 2017
Ticwatch S & E Early Bird Order 25% off retail £92 @ Kickstarter
Android Wear powers Ticwatch S and Ticwatch E. Besides managing calls and messages, Ticwatch S (Sport) and E (Express) empower your active lifestyle with the convenience of Googl… Read more

It's not £92. It will be £92+ Custom fee + VAT + Carrier fee since you are importing.


Shame it doesn't ship until oct 2017 would have been a nice replacement for my Sony smartwatch 3


I'm tempted but it doesn't look like it has a rotating crown for scrolling through apps




Will it bring a paradigm-shift?

The World's Smallest 4g Android Phone,On KickStarter ... discounts up to 40% for early backers, free delivery, from approx £46 @ Kickstarter
Found 2nd May 2017Found 2nd May 2017
The World's Smallest 4g Android Phone,On KickStarter ... discounts up to 40% for early backers, free delivery, from approx £46 @ Kickstarter
Been keeping an eye on this, and I see they are releasing a Jelly Pro version (16gb storage, 2gb Ram), which I have ordered just now and cost me 85$, approx £66. The headline pri… Read more
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anyone know of a real beat the boss phone ? some claim but ordered one and had metal back cover ffs !


Plus VAT and £8 RM fee once it is imported.


I don't think the ants would want it either


Nice spot. I wonder if that was their previous 'Micro X' model they mention in the Kickstarter page as it definitely looks like it.


What is this? Smartphone for ants?

Contactless credit card protection - £5 @ Kickstarter
Found 7th Nov 2016Found 7th Nov 2016
Contactless credit card protection - £5 @ Kickstarter
Seen this looks very smart and good quality I've ordered one and it's up to 50% off, ok it's on kickstarter but still worth a punt and it's British, made in the UK.

I didn't get any of that. Contactless doesn't work still.


You have to go to your bank and change your card for a new one, they take your card and a new one arrived in the post took three days then another day for the pin to arrive

flamefix Right so I read through and watched the videos and the cards can be read and seem to give much more informaion than the front of the card. The Which report made payments with the details they took The video on the campaign shows your card transaction history so I think that could be useful to someone. Ok if I accept that tin foil works or helps I aint gonna do what punnet says and do all that bother- geeze lousie djames I was pick pocketed in london you never know when it happens so this to me is easier. I can't se how havjng two cards helps because I have read where payment is taken from one card and not the one you intended so. Anyway I voted it becaue it seems a good deal to me and was half price. I need contactless when I go to london so getting it deactivated doesn't make any sense and it was made in UK so im buying british not imported.


I just asked the bank to deactivate the contactless. Hardly ever used it.


all you have to do is break the rfid antenna on your card. happened to mine after it went through the wash a few too many times and cracked. also the post with the "facts" is a bit misleading. it implies someone cant steal your money if they have taken your card details but they can easily put that on a blank card or other rfid tag and then go spending with no pin required.

[NEW] Proviz REFLECT360 CRS Cycling Jacket £65 (RRP £129.99) @ Kickstarter
Found 24th Aug 2016Found 24th Aug 2016
[NEW] Proviz REFLECT360 CRS Cycling Jacket £65 (RRP £129.99) @ Kickstarter
Hey guys, only ~less then 2 hours~ remaining for this awesome campaign on kickstarter!!!! It's the trademark standard REFLECT360 grey jacket that everyone raves about, except now … Read more

Dun Dun Dunnnn


10 minutes left


Hopefully that's not the case, it is said to have used a thinner material for this jacket.


Doesn't seem anything special. Yea, it does look a little bulky for UK climate.


Heard the breathability on these jackets isn't too great. Anyone have any experience or wearing proviz jackets on long commutes?

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Shenmue 3 - pledge to make with kickstarter and receive a digital copy on PS4 or PC for $29 (£22.08) delivery by Dec 17 @ Kickstarter
Found 22nd Aug 2016Found 22nd Aug 2016
Shenmue 3 - pledge to make with kickstarter and receive a digital copy on PS4 or PC for $29 (£22.08) delivery by Dec 17 @ Kickstarter
Dont think this is a deal as such but googled shenmue and seen this site. I know who they are but didn't realise Shenmue was needing the funding. So thought ide post on here incase… Read more
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I voted hot on this, because it's still cheaper than a release copy. The risk of it whether disappointing is no different from any other game that is released. The better this fares, the greater likelihood of SEGA taking a remaster more seriously.


​SEGA are looking into getting Shenmue I & II updated and upgraded, it's just a case of obtaining all the copyrights for all the third party stuff that was in the game i.e. the Saiko watch and Coca Cola vending machines (which were changed to Jet Cola in the West)


Ooo I didn't see that on the kick starter page, so I will be keeping an eye on this.


Darn. I got my hopes up thinking this post was "Shenmue 1-2 HD Remaster on Pre-Order" but it's the Kickstarter of Shenmue 3. I've said to myself that I'll never support a Kickstarter and never will. If it's released and good then I might purchase otherwise, I won't.


You do in this game. I'm very excited and so are others, hence is the highest earning game on kickstarter ever!

New Pebble 2 and Pebble Time 2, starting at £77.98 @ kickstarter
Found 25th May 2016Found 25th May 2016
New Pebble 2 and Pebble Time 2, starting at £77.98 @ kickstarter
Our third and best Kickstarter yet! We’re back! And we’re incredibly excited to announce two new smartwatches–plus, an entirely new, lightweight, hackable, connected device to re… Read more

I got my Pebble classic direct from the US and had to pay duties, so I will wait.


Cold, cos you better wait till it hits UK and buy it.


I agree, unless you're interested in the heart rate monitor, I am not convinced it's worth upgrading from current gen.


That depends on what you're after! :) They have a bunch of different ranges now: Pebble - B/W with plastic straps. Cheapest of the line Pebble Time - e-ink colour display with plastic straps Pebble Steel / Pebble Time Steel - as above, but with "classic steel straps" Pebble Round - Smaller watch with colour display I am sure down the line, they'll also release a Pebble Time 2 Steel, that'll cost even more. Personally I have the Pebble Time, and bought my own steel strap for £10 on Amazon, and it looks/feels very solid.


I'm waiting. This isn't actually much of an improvement over the older models I don't think.

Dark Souls - The Board Game @ Kickstarter
Found 6th May 2016Found 6th May 2016
Dark Souls - The Board Game @ Kickstarter
Not sure if kickstarter projects are allowed but this may be of interest to some. Full details on the linked kickstarter page but basically Dark Souls 1-3 in board game format. … Read more

Doesn't seem to be much love for this but for anyone interested it's into the last five days so get your pledges in!


Don't even play board games, but I want one.


As if most of the people who have joined in to vote it down will have any idea about the price of items in Games Workshop.


That's if this product makes it to the shops - it's currently not a deal. I'll grant that there's a good deal of speculation though!


As I said in my original post you're paying £80 for something that's going to cost at least £180 in the shops, is a £100 saving not a deal?

Magicka PC from $1 when backing Magicka Mayhem on Kickstarter
Found 14th Apr 2016Found 14th Apr 2016
Magicka PC from $1 when backing Magicka Mayhem on Kickstarter
Finishes at 3am!. But $1 backers or above of the Magical Mayhem Project will get a copy Magicka on PC.

Finishes at 3am uk time

Visage kickstarter, steam PC key £8, Xbox One/PS4 key £10.67
Found 28th Feb 2016Found 28th Feb 2016
Visage kickstarter, steam PC key £8, Xbox One/PS4 key £10.67
Kickstarter horror game Visage, inspired by PT silent hills. Prices start from £8+ on steam, and £10.67+ on XboxOne/PS4 There is multiple bundles so you can pledge what you like.… Read more
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shaunmorgan3994881 sense of humour is "questionable".


ba dum tish,


Bit risky, money could simply fade to grey?


"photo realistic" Sadly doesn't look like it from the alpha.


Sounds risky even for a kickstarter. They sont seem to have much experience in their fields and seem to be underestimating how long it will take and the required budget.

Pebble Time, Pebble Time Steel or Pebble Time Round plus NFC Payment Smartstrap - £138.82 - KickStarter
Found 20th Feb 2016Found 20th Feb 2016
Pebble Time, Pebble Time Steel or Pebble Time Round plus NFC Payment Smartstrap - £138.82 - KickStarter
Bare with me on this one. If you're looking for any of the pebble smartwatches then this kickstarter campaign gives you both the smartwatch and this NFC payment strap for a price … Read more

Waiting for the solar panel pebble watch strap myself. :)


The Time has got as low as £90 new on here, and £110 multiple times, this is kickstarter so may never come and in 5 months there will probably be newer, better watches anyway.


I love the idea of the strap and will vote hot because it is a great price... worth pointing out though that a kickstarter does not always result in a finished product and a failed campaign does not always refund the entire (or any) of the backers money.... Sorry for the negativity!


Seems a good deal, heat. Wish i could afford it tho :|


Fair enough, I don't like the wait either but I'm using the OG pebble so I'm not in a rush

Battalion 1944 - PC/PS4/XB1 - PC from £15.00 / Consoles from £22.00 @ Kickstarter
Found 9th Feb 2016Found 9th Feb 2016
Battalion 1944 - PC/PS4/XB1 - PC from £15.00 / Consoles from £22.00 @ Kickstarter
Posted again in deals due to new change in HUKD rules where Kickstarter deals can now be posted if the project posted is at least 85% funded as it's likely to happen. At posting Ba… Read more
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yep, they need 500 more I think to reach console mark. Anyway of paying in gbp? Could always use revolut if not tho.


Visage does look very good, £10.00 for the console version. Looks like PT.


Do you get your coins of the realm back if they decide to cancel? Another kickstarter game worth looking at is Visage.


I don't think anyone has mentioned Day of Defeat: Source? Still one of my faves but looking sooo tired, not been updated in years (decades lol?), unlike its brethren CS & TF2 oO So many mods were being developed for DOD (Ham & Jam etc), but none have come to fruition. This looks like a very good alternative. I like the more open forest maps and it looks easier to pick up than RO2 (a great game in itself). Personally I'd want the experience more DOD:S + RO2, than COD or Wolf, but not too fussy.... can't be enough WW2 tactical shooters IMO X)


sounds a bit like a ww2 version of insurgency which id happily pay 25 quid for should it ever release on ps4!

Useless Machine in a Can - $49 (Can.) @ kickstarter
Found 27th Jan 2015Found 27th Jan 2015
Useless Machine in a Can - $49 (Can.) @ kickstarter
This is an extraordinarily useless machine. You throw a switch on the top of the can to activate the machine. Immediately, a little arm shoots out, pushes the switch back and turn… Read more


ditto .. complete crowdscammers


People have actually backed this? At least the wooden box one actually had variation!


Now I've seen it all....oO


I was never known for my sense with money so it's hot from me :-)

The Deep Paths for PC and/or Mac for 10 AUD (around £5.70 for December 2015 release) @ Kickstarter
Found 4th Sep 2014Found 4th Sep 2014
The Deep Paths for PC and/or Mac for 10 AUD (around £5.70 for December 2015 release) @ Kickstarter
The creator of Coldfire Keep is making another first person perspective party based RPG in homeage to Dungeon Master era of games, e.g. grid based movement, turn based combat, and … Read more
HuniePop: A Dating Puzzle RPG 18+ Only £6 @ Kickstarter (Adult Dating Sim)
Found 31st Aug 2014Found 31st Aug 2014
HuniePop: A Dating Puzzle RPG 18+ Only £6 @ Kickstarter (Adult Dating Sim)
Firstly... @ Mods I have spoken to Syzable and he has said the content is fine and deals are allowed from Kickstarter, so this deal does not need spamming. HuniePop is a fully fe… Read more
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You can buy Seduce Me for £1.54. No idea if any good and gameplay videos show card game mechanics.


wasn't Seduce Me greenlit but never got on steam in the end. I don't see how this will. Sakura spirit is the closest you'll get


Heat plus £6 PayPal at the ready


That MIGHT have been funny if I was a guy..


Now do I do the misc thing here... :| Pics or lying! X) Save your £5.75 Turkey. It was all a tease. :p

Ray's the Dead PC Steam and PS4 Pre-Order/Kickstarter £7.22
Found 19th Aug 2014Found 19th Aug 2014
Ray's the Dead PC Steam and PS4 Pre-Order/Kickstarter £7.22
More info about the game here on steam --> Ray’s the Dead is an action-adventure game that lets you play the life and afterlife of Ray… Read more

classic autocorrect lol Historically games have been at expos, had playable demos and release dates before but still been released incomplete or not at all. I hope the game is released and is worth the money that you're stumping up, however neither of those things are guaranteed when you crowd fund. Once you hand over your money it is gone forever and there is literally no protection against you not receiving the goods.


classic autocorrect lol


What's a "pretty order" then? :p


this is ragtag studio and the release date was confirmed this year but has been postponed till next year for now and this company was there for the euro gamer expo last year with a demo it might not be a deal for you lol but for me and a few others it's a good deal :)


This is NOT a preorder. A pretty order is cashed when the game ships and can be cancelled at any time. This is cashed instantly and therefore cannot be recovered even if the game is never released. Please understand the difference before risking your hard earned and potentially becoming another victim of crowd funding.

Frankenspiel FS-X: the Bluetooth speaker £45.00 @ Kickstarter
Found 4th May 2014Found 4th May 2014
Frankenspiel FS-X: the Bluetooth speaker £45.00 @ Kickstarter
Its an amazingly powerful little speaker, be quick the offer expires in the next 20 minutes, I bought 2, sorry for the late post Radically upgrade your sound and music experience … Read more

It seems that Frankenspiel is facing some kind of legal action regarding their logo.


Kickstarter is OK for posting on HUKD?


missed it too!!! lovely sounding BT speaker......I actually emailed them to see if I can join "the club" :0)


It's finished.


sorry, this project is not live :-(

App Game Kit game creator - 25% OFF RETAIL
Found 21st Feb 2014Found 21st Feb 2014
App Game Kit game creator - 25% OFF RETAIL
The Game Creators have offered a discount of 25% off their popular game creation software via this offer. This is great for anyone interested into getting into game creation, for a… Read more
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No, the kit itself runs on the pc, that's where you code. Then it compiles into the correct format for the devices. The best part is, they do as for Android and I belive I pad that let you test in real time over wifi. You run the app on the device, hit compile on your pc, and it sends and plays on the device.


Can this run on windows? If so, I want to dev iOS apps on a windows machine running this this possible? Or do you need to run this on a Mac OS for iOS apps?


Hotline Miami was made in Game Maker afaik. (Kind of legitimises it in a way for me). Until looking in a more detailed manner and basically to have it working properly you need a $300 addon. YoYo Compiler


If anyone is interested in giving Game Maker a go, you can get the Standard edition (usually $50) for free at the moment,


There are others, the most commonly known is Unity - but it;s quite complex from what I remember. For alternatives you can google game creators - GameMaker and FPSC are two others off the top of my head, but I don't know much about them I'm afraid.

The ultimate retrospective of the SEGA Mega Drive/Genesis. A documentary art book by Read-Only Memory £30 @ kickstarter
Found 11th Nov 2013Found 11th Nov 2013
The ultimate retrospective of the SEGA Mega Drive/Genesis. A documentary art book by Read-Only Memory £30 @ kickstarter
Having backed the Sensible Software book, here is the 2nd book by Read-Only Memory! Official blurb: SEGA Mega Drive/Genesis: Collected Works [ セガ メガド ライブ/ジェネシス:作品集成 ] will be th… Read more
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This site really does make me laugh! -63 degrees atm The book has been funded and in fact was funded within 2 days of going live which is cool by me! Enjoy (or not lol)


I got an early bird at £25 too and tbh I don't care about cold votes I just hope the book gets funded so everyone who pledges gets a cool Sega history & art book :D


Thanks for posting this . Did manage to get an early bird one for £25. Looks like it will be a superb book. Shame about the cold votes though.


Looks like an excellent book though I feel it's slightly too expensive for me, if it came with a DVD or Blu-Ray documentary then I'd be more worth it. As a book only I'd buy it for about £25


Only because the link you gave in the first place was for "The Isis Aquarium. Unique Aquariums for Unique People.". But I guess there is no records for your editing history, so whatever...