Kid Active See Saw - £9.97 (1/2 price) @ Argos !

Kid Active See Saw - £9.97 (1/2 price) @ Argos !

Found 24th May 2008
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Durable powder coated steel frame.
See saw designed to go up and down, round and round.
Suitable for children up to 45kg.
Size (H)197, (W)57, (D)77cm.
For ages 3 to 10 years.
Requires minimal assembly.


Anyone got any negative comments about this before i buy one? Been looking for a see-saw for a while (also need a large slide but they are all £100+ at the moment)

I picked one of these up three weeks ago. Nice bit of kit, good price, the kids love it.

Only a couple of niggles

1: The handles tend to work a little lose after heavy use and need retightening
2: There are little rubber feet on the posts under each seat (to stop them from going through somebodys foot) - these vanished into the soil on the first day, never to be seen again.
Apart from that, great.

Argos seem to have had all Hedstrom kit (including this) at half price for several weeks now. You have a really, really slim chance of finding the branches that still have anything in stock....

My monsters have one of these and they have great fun on it as well as lots of tears due to design faults. Personally I feel that it is not up to standard due to the following:

1. As stated the little points below the seat (that should stabilise the seat) have also come off. Leaving it dangerous for a younger child to get their foot/feet trapped underneath the seat. ie when the heavier child decides to get off quickly. This has happened and my two have both had nasty bruises.

2. Depending on the age of the kids, if they use it like a helicopter as mine do, they can build up speed and again the littlest ones can end up literally flying off onto grass.

3. Also my kids know about the faults and know to keep there feet up and out of the way but I daren't leave them on there own with there friends incase of injury.

If I know the above I don't think that I would have bought it, as we have had so many tears over it. Just for info my twos are now 5 and 7.
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