Kid icarus uprising £14.99 so called ("new")/£11.99 (used) with stand @ Grainger games
Kid icarus uprising £14.99  so called ("new")/£11.99 (used) with stand @ Grainger games

Kid icarus uprising £14.99 so called ("new")/£11.99 (used) with stand @ Grainger games

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Good price for Kid Icarus.



Buyer beware of Grainger Games "New" products.

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Buyer beware of Grainger Games "New" products.

Hahaha ill edit the title and put "new" in quotation marks

Gotta love those pre owned "new" games

I refuse to buy from this company... Bunch of muppets. When I returned the last game I bought from them I included a dictionary page and circled the entry for NEW.

that box art looks awesome

Buyer beware that this game is a nightmare to control too..

Concur with other posters, only bought once from them, and it was clearly a used game being sold as new.

Had a really good time with this game. Tricky controls sometimes but I made it without getting bad hand cramps.

I had the original 3ds with a PowerShell attachment that made it more comfortable to hold.

did well enough that I even made it all the way to the semi finals of Nintendo UK's kid icarus tournament a few years back. this also despite me being the oldest contestant by far (the next oldest was like just over half my age!).

They unseal it then put the case on the store shelves. Then the case gets manhandled by 15 year old teenagers that haven't washed their hands after going to the toilet. Who have been scratching their balls & picking their nose. Scratching their nit ridden scalps with their greasy McDonald's french fries infested hands. God only knows what kind of diseases are living on those cases. Okay, slightly extreme but you get my point. ^_^

Also what annoys me is when they put paper stickers on the manuals & around the centre of the disc. How hard is to it use vinyl stickers!

Great price for a great game. never had issues with the controls. heat
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