kid icarus uprising (3DS) (without stand) used £8 instore or £10.50 delivered @ Cex

kid icarus uprising (3DS) (without stand) used £8 instore or £10.50 delivered @ Cex

Found 20th Nov 2016Made hot 20th Nov 2016
Seems like a steal for a good 3DS game.


how good is this without the stand? have considered it for a while but with stand is £12 in my local game shop so not sure if worth it. Also is the online still active? would be my main way of playing

I never played with the stand despite having it from launch

used the stand once, pain the ****, never again. The game is best played in short bursts holding it yourself or using a cushion / pillow to rest your arms on.

The game is superb though.

The game is awesome and you don't need the stand.

It's a brilliant game with some genuinely funny writing, deserves far more recognition.

The control scheme is weird and awkward but it actually adds to the fun once you get used to it. Just be warned, the game is unplayable for lefties unless you use the control pad pro (requires precise use of the pad and stylus at the same time).

Here's hoping the mystery game Sakurai is working on is a sequel to this.

i remember when this was silly money before they published more copies. cool.
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