Kidde 9CO-5UK Carbon Monoxide Detector £14.49 (Was £36.66) Delivered @ Amazon

Kidde 9CO-5UK Carbon Monoxide Detector £14.49 (Was £36.66) Delivered @ Amazon

Found 31st Aug 2009Made hot 31st Aug 2009
Very good price, selling for £24.45 at DIYtools, £25.24 at Tools4trade, £22,95 at Corgi direct, good customer reviews & Corgi approved,

The most common sources of CO are malfunctioning, or misuse of gas appliances used for heating and cooking, vehicle engines, electric generators, blocked chimneys or flues, portable burning heaters, fire places, fuel powered tools and operating a grill in an enclosed space.

Product Description
The 9C0-5UK is a high quality, 85db, low cost carbon monoxide alarm, utilising state of the art technology. It comes with a wall mounting plate, anti-tamper battery compartment and a robust, impact resistant plastic casing. Supplied with three 1.5V AA batteries. What's in the box: Kidde 9CO-5UK Basic Carbon Monoxide Detector Specifications: Brand: kidde A Word from the Manufacturer: In the UK, Kidde has established market leadership for core home safety product categories in short time, thanks to a strong relationship with our retail partners, Kidde will continue to grow and innovate within the categories while providing on going educational support to our distributing partners and the public on Home Fire Safety matters.

* Battery operated unit provides protection even during a power cut.
* Test button and LED allow simple verification of alarm operation
* Electrochemical Technology
* Loud 85db piercing alarm function
* 5 year warranty
* CE marked
* Kitemarked to BS 7860-1996


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Couple of tips:
- don't forget the opportunity for some Nectar eStores points
- consider the next model up in the range at Amazon for £16.95 with digital display = good price too (which is what I've gone with, following on from your tip here :thumbsup:!)!

You can find the £16.95 priced digital one by searching on Amazon (having got there by a referral site such as Necter eStores) for
"Kidde Carbon Monoxide Alarm"
ie 1x KID0146UK Carbon monoxide detector

You can find the whole Kidde CO range detailed at their site…tml

As we all know Amazon have very dynamic pricing so if pondering, best to act ASAP.


Also just to point out that Corgi no longer exist, it's now gas safe!

Great Find - Heat & Rep added

Don't just think of it it as an alarm.Definately worth going for the metered version especially as it gets colder your more likely to notice the changes. Even if it means just opening awindow to let the bad air out it will still improve your health.

Thanks, went for the one with the LCD... been meaning to get one for ages. Thanks.

Ordered and gave me the kick in the **** I needed. Thanks OP!

Ordered the £16.95 model, thanks for heads up and advice, heat and rep added.

I bought the model with the LCD ( ]http//ww…KNY ) last week and meant to post it here! Seems alright so far!

The SF350 and SF450 are also supposed to be pretty good.

Ordered thanks.

Go through nectar for Nectar points too

Good deal, ordered the better one.

After ordering the LCD display model all I need now is for Amazon to ACTUALLY (try to) deliver it. Was out on the Home Delivery Network van "for delivery" on Thursday... and again on Friday... but they just took it back each day without bothering to call at the delivery address

Been meaning to get one of these for a while, and after a search and finding this thread I decided to go for the LCD one.. lucky for me it's now available for [SIZE=4][COLOR=#990000][COLOR=black]£15.18[/COLOR] [/COLOR][/SIZE]
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