Kiddicare: Bambino Mio Solo (one piece) reusable nappies - £5 each (RRP £14.99)

Kiddicare: Bambino Mio Solo (one piece) reusable nappies - £5 each (RRP £14.99)

Found 29th Mar 2014
We've been using the two piece system (on and off - more off to be honest), which has become a major faff (MasterSausage loves to try to grab the nappy insert when you're trying to put them on!). Picked up 3 Solo nappies on Tuesday to try, and I'm really impressed, so went back and got more yesterday!

As a one piece system they go on as easy as a disposable, the only real 'down side' is remembering to change your LO a little more often (around every 4h for us). We still use regular nappies at night (and on long journeys...). You use them with a biodegradable lines which helps keep 'water' away from LOs skin, and can be flushed down the loo if full of poo!

We got these at Lakeside, but apparently all stores have stock. The reduced price colours are yellowey, bluey and pinky. They also have a pattern one, but that's £7 (RRP 15.99).

Not available online - they do have Solo's on offer, but at £11.99 - so not as good an offer!

Hope this helps someone :-)
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These are fab nappies
Hello, I was there today before I knew about the deal and there was one solo left the rest were all the water resistant nappy covers left.
Great deal, I paid £10 each almost 2 years ago. Anyone know if Morrisons are stocking these?
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