Kidnapped - Season 1 (DVD) £2.85 delivered @

Kidnapped - Season 1 (DVD) £2.85 delivered @

Found 31st Jan 2011
When their teenage son is kidnapped and his bodyguard (Mykelti Williamson) is left for dead, the Cains (Timothy Hutton and Dana Delaney) go beyond the law to rescue their son. They call upon Knapp (Jeremy Sisto), an expert in kidnapping and helping the victims' families. Two FBI agents join the desperate search as everyone tries to save the Cains' son. Kidnapped also stars Delroy Lindo, Linus Roach, and Carmen Ejogo. Features all the episodes from the first series.

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Good price. Highly recommended.

Similar in style (one continous unfolding story) as 24, Sleeper Cell, Prison Break etc.
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