Kids Bed- Car Shaped Bed from £129.99 to £69.99

Kids Bed- Car Shaped Bed from £129.99 to £69.99

Found 8th Feb 2007
Just saw this in Focus Diy
kids Car shaped bed
perfect for the little ones, brill price

down to £69.99 down fom £129.99

no picture im afraid- instore only

national sale


Took a look at the bed in store yesterday and believe me, its a damn good deal. Nice solid novelty bed for well under £100, can't be bad.
Would buy one myself (for my 3 year old son ;-) ) but he's already got the little tykes plastic car bed.
Thumbs up from me

brilliant - thanks for this post as been looking for car shaped bed for my soon--to-be-transferring-from-cot-to-bed son! if only i could get out of the house - we're snowed in this morning! if all else fails, i'll visit our branch tomorrow and hope for the best!

Any chance of a pic?
Or direct link?

is this on the website maybe im being blonde

Sorry - just noticed 'no pic' comment...who's going in with a cam-phone then?! ;-)

do you get a mattress with it ??? will call my store if you do

Is there not a similar bed online or on google pictures we can see?

just looked at website , no sign of car bed tho. im just going to call my local store and ask if it has a mattress. brb:thumbsup:

no mattress is extra at 39.99

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sorry - no mattress with bed- excellent quality- real sturdy
looks like the car from the film cars the red one
looks very simular to argos cat number 664/9661
if this helps

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this offer is for the next 7 days only

I felt really tempted by this until I saw it in store ... no room for storage underneath!!!!
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