Kids Clarks Shoes 50% off sale

Kids Clarks Shoes 50% off sale

Found 27th Jun 2007
Just walked past my local (Darlington) Clarks kids shoe shop and they had shoes stacked inside with 50% off banners along the top. i did not notice this on the windows, maybe the sale is just starting.

Anyway, thought i'd give a heads up!
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Yes, thanks, it's a brilliant sale - think it started last week. I went to Clarks on Saturday (at Cribbs Causeway nr Bristol) and got my little boy a pair of leather shoes reduced from £25 to £9 and they're really nice too!
thanks I needed to know when this sale started
This started last Wednesday - they've sold out of most in my area though they are restocking I believe.
Thanks for this need new shoes for my kids ... checked last saturday and nothing ... pain in butt if I am too late!
Most stores get weekday deliveries so start looking on Tuesdays, weekends they always seem to be sold out.
just bought 2 pairs of sandals at £12 each. Apparently the darlington sale sr=tarted this week - not alot left now and they are reducing stock further. Doodles now £5
Our local Clarks have had a sale for a week or more but will this be applicable in all stores as I also found out last week some are franchised? heat and rep added
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