Kids Crocs only £15 from Littlewoods (Pink/Black)

Kids Crocs only £15 from Littlewoods (Pink/Black)

Found 17th Apr 2008
Cheaper with discount codes
Goes down to £12 !
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Thanks ordered a pair each for my daughters. Voted hot
Went into my local 99p store and they had them for 99p not going to knock a quid am i
Ordered, thanks!
don't forget quidco, that takes another 61p off!
woolworths are also doing these for about £5 pink and blue they also had them in adult sizes but didnt see the prices. :thumbsup:
Just remember to keep your kids off escalators when wearing these!!…xml
Office are also doing kids Crocs for 2 for £30 making them £15 each. Good if you need 2 pairs as I did for my kids. They also have the full range of colours.
Blimey the pair I ordered yesterday arrived today, that's 22 hours from ordering, to them arriving - not bag at £11.39 included delivery!
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